Additional information for Resume

Piecing together a resume is like constructing a bridge or creating a fine sculpture. Every piece needs to be in the right place if you want the final product to be able to stand. Many people struggle with knowing where to place additional resume information that doesn’t fall under the main categories of education and work experience. It can be difficult to avoid stuffing your resume with information that hiring managers don’t find useful.

However, you also don’t want to end up with a sparse document that fails to highlight all of the skills and achievements that make you a desirable candidate. Of course, different career levels demand different configurations of information. These basic categories that resumes need to be tailored to fit include:

  • Student
  • Entry level
  • Executive
  • Manager
  • Experienced

You will find that following a examples and set of rules instead of trying to craft a resume on your own will make the process much easier. Following a guide will help you get inside the mind of a hiring manager to see the type of information they’re looking for.

For example, if you are an expert graduate in Body Mass Index looking for a companies and jobs related to your specialty you must include any study, specialty, research, discovery or participation in other companies or universities, that can provide additional outstanding information to your resume. Studies like "Effect of Body Mass Index on Left Ventricular Mass", "Effect of a computerized BMI chart for women prompt on diagnosis and treatment of adult obesity" or "Prepregnancy body mass index in glucose-tolerant women". Any outstanding in relation to employment you're looking for is important in your application process.

Regardless of the career level for which you write your resume, you should include most or all of these nine Additional information sections for your resume. These sections include:

Resume Additional Information Examples for Students

Clinical Psychology

Relevant Coursework - Psychological Testing, Statistical Psychology, Psychology of Interviewing, Social Psychology, US Topics: Immigration, Psychology of Women and Gender

Data Entry and Word Processing

  • 3 years receptionist/multi-line phone experience.
  • Answered customer queries in person, by telephone and via e-mail messages.
  • Distributed mail and internal correspondence.
  • Created and maintained new filing systems.

Inside Sales

I am currently attending Williams field high school and EVIT and i am on course to become a firefighter , i am a very adaptable worker and i can pretty much do anything that is needed to be done . i am also a very good people person.

Psychology Research

Personal goals include to aid in the development of countries, help further education, and continue to learn and grow. The skills I possess that help in achieving these goals are the ability to stay focused and organized, remain calm in tense situations, and patients.

Customer Service

Attributes I possess:

  • Have an image that will provide timely and respectful service that a promotes a positive image for the company.
  • Work well with others to solve problems and make decisions.
  • Always am looking for ways to improve my performance.
  • Organized and know how to prioritize the tasks at hand.
  • Attentive listener.

Accounting and Finance

I graduated from high school with honors, and accumulated over 50 college credits. I am currently in the process of transferring to the University of Utah where I will continue to pursue my bachelors degree in accounting.


I have worked before with unloading and loading objects, moving heavy items around, packaging and unpackaging items, I work hard and have no problems with whatever you throw at me. I'll put 110% into everything that is asked of me in any job I do.

Legal Assistant

At my current job I am a member of the safety committee. My job on the committee is to maintain a safe work environment for both staff and clients. I also have earned many certifications working at my present job.

Childcare: Aide and Assistant

  • Preschool group leader at Vacation Bible School
  • Babysat from prior to one year old through age 8
  • Independent, organized, respectful, helpful, personable

Real Estate and Property Management

I am a great leader with a very personable personality. I love helping people and am very hardworking. When given a task to complete, I will never give up until the job is finished to the best of my ability.

Correctional Officer

I am a very fast learner, great with numbers, good at memorizing and remembering tasks and work areas. Willing to do any assigned tasks and take on new projects. Also looking forward to learning new skills and have more knowledge in the workplace.

Fashion Designer

Very fast learner, good people skills, creative and energetic, good customer service, understanding and quick thinker.

Singer and Musician

I work good when I'm under pressure. I can get along well with others and I'm always happy to help out. I'm determined and hardworking. I like to have activities to keep me up and moving. I'm always working on ways to improve myself.


Other job experiences I have worked in the recently have been:

  • Watching over dogs from my neighbor
  • Working on residential fence
  • Selling artwork at local art gallery

I am determined, responsible, and always get to my due date on time. I also graduated my class with a 3.6 GPA

Biological Scientist

I have worked with a psychologist by helping her file tons of paperwork and organizing her documents. I managed to type up all of her past paperwork onto Word documents and keeping it organized.

Physician and Surgeon

Outstanding Member of National Beta Club at Spirit Creek Middle School in Augusta, Georgia since 2008

Participates in the ministries of media, mime, and worship at Lighthouse Christ-Centered Church, located in Hephzibah, Georgia

Mechanical Engineer

Impressing employers is always a goal of mine. When I'm left with a task, I challenge myself to get the job done fast and correctly. I work so my boss will appreciate me and the task I completed. Challenging myself gives me motivation, higher rewards, and makes the job more fun. I strive to be the employee that an employer will always welcome back.

Financial Analyst

I strongly feel that I have the ability to make a very positive first impression on customers who walk through the door. In addition, my goal is to always live up to the high standards of the company I represent and present myself in a friendly, professional manner.


I am a very hard worker, I strive to get better each day and I am always on my feet whether working, school, exercise, chores, or out with my girlfriend. I am very friendly and get well with anyone. I am a leader if I may say so, I don't let much get to my head and I stay humble at all times. I have been told I have much potential and I keep that in mind and take work serious. I have been working for a year now and I am looking for a change and an opportunity.

Resume Additional Information Examples for Entry Level

Manufacturing and Production: Machinist

I would like to start off by saying that I have exceptional customer service skills and am extremely friendly. I consider myself to be hard working and assertive. Self management skills, reliability and dependability are key factors in my life. Once I learn what to do, I do it well and efficiently. I am highly motivated to succeed and complete my life goals.


Customer- and service-oriented ,Inventory control procedures ,Cash handling accuracy, Excellent communication skills, Loss prevention comprehension, Reading comprehension skills, Energetic self-starter, Ability to mediate disputes, Results-oriented, Listening skills, Written and oral communication skills, Reliable and punctual

Administrative Assistant

Excelled in role requiring the ability to handle a variety of customer service and administrative tasks and resolve customer issues with expediency.

Approximately 2 years providing outstanding customer service

Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher) Self-motivated to succeed in any work environment

Hair Stylist and Hairdresser

I am so glad I got into this industry. I love everything about it and am eager to learn everything I can. I decided to enroll at Regency Beauty Institute because being able make people feel beautiful and give them confidence in themselves is a very rewarding and humbling experience. As I went through school I have gained the confidence in myself that I can do anything I put my mind to and be successful at it.

Dental Assistance

Problem solving skills to keep customers happy. Communicate and work very well with others. Work well with my hands. Learn new things quickly. Can operate Windows and Mac computer systems.

Science Technician

Intro to Human Anatomy with lab; Intro to Human Physiology; Biol Fundamentals with lab; Genetics with lab; Cell Biology with lab; Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; From Lab Bench to Bedside; Microbial Diversity and the Biosphere; General Chemistry 1 & 2 with lab; Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 with lab; Biomedical Ethics topics in writing; Introduction to Statistics.

Production Supervisor and Manager

I was Quality Person of the Quarter in 1999 at North Star Steel for saving a man's life. I have prior Security Guard experience obtain from employment at a Nuclear Plant which is not listed above. I have great typing skills and knowledge of computers in all aspects.

Call Center

Work-wise, I believe that I am a hard worker. One who doesn't like to slack off in anything that I do. My belief is, do it right the first time or don't do it at all. I am a fast learner. Can be taught anything and start working on my own with low supervision. As anyone's employee, I am one who can be counted on in certain situations. I am not the best, but I strive to be in anything that I do. Any employer would appreciate that.

Fast Food

Working at the Bluebird Cafe I am to serve customers and prepare food along with working in a fast paced environment. I am always on time if not early for work. I take pride in my work and work as fast as I can with providing the highest of quality.

Teaching and Classroom Support

From 2005 - 2013 I have been a stay at home Mom raising 2 daughters. I have been involved in my daughter's educations by doing parent help in their classrooms. In 2011 my daughter was in year 1 and I began helping the teacher on a weekly basis with reading and spelling with the students. In 2012 I did group reading with students on a weekly basis. I am currently involved with group reading on a Wednesday and the Support-A-Reader Program on a Thursday.

Attorney and Lawyer

I am 17 years old. I graduated from Ed W. Clark High School in with a 2.7 GPA. I obtained an advanced diploma in the Class of 2014. I Wrestled, did Track and Field, and played Football during my high school years. I am hard working person who enjoys talking to people, and learning new things. I am good at working with others, and also knowing how to do things on my own without being told. Respect, loyalty, and great quality work are some of the many things that i live my life by.


While working with the company i was granted a raise within 6 months of working at the establishment. Was always on time and praised throughout my time with the company. The raise received was .50 cents. Self motivation and hard work allowed me to achieve the goal of receiving a raise with the company.


  • Sound Knowledge of cash management
  • Knowledge of mathematics for data entry assignments
  • Multitasking without losing focus - Can deal with constant interruptions from customers and work under pressure.
  • Good problem solving attitude.
  • MS Word
  • Power point
  • MS Excel
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Honesty
  • Reliability - Very flexible

General IT

Since graduating from ITT Technical Institute I have spent much of my time looking after my very ill father who underwent a liver transplant in late 2011. My mother worked full time so it was up to me to make sure my father was looked after. My mother is now able to spend more time at home which has allowed me to seek employment. Now that my father has the care he needs, I look forward to putting my education to practical use.

Psychology Counseling

Combat Veteran interested in helping other returning vets to overcome substance abuse problems stemming from their military service as well as overcoming other issues related to PTSD and the difficult transition from combat back to civilian life.

Automotive and Motor Vehicles

While working at Degage' Dancewear I learned how to manage a store, record inventory, order products, and enhanced customer service skills. At Precious Lambs Daycare I ran my own classroom and provided the children with educational lessons while also communicating to their parents about their day. Rainbow Center for Communicative Disorderly taught me how to talk to all different types of people. It also provided experience with HIPAA and other private policies while writing official documents about students on daily basis.


I do my best to learn as quickly as I can. I try to get along with everyone. Drama is not something that I like. I usually try to stay away from it. I don't act like I'm working, I am working. At the end of the day I like knowing that I did something worthwhile or I feel useless.

Customer Service

I am hard of hearing and I rely on lip reading. I wear two hearing aids and can hear well with both of them on. I will pay attention when customers speak to me, but I may require assistance in understanding what it is the customer wants.

Resume Additional Information Examples for Experienced

HR Generalist

  • Alabama Association of Municipal Clerks and Administrators, Immediate Past President
  • Alabama Historical Records Advisory Board, Appointed member for AAMC
  • Local Government Records Commission, Appointed member by Governor
  • Public Relations and Marketing Committee, International Institute of Municipal Clerks
  • Program Review and Certification Committee, International Institute of Municipal Clerks

Diet and Nutrition

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Natural Medicine from IQUIM. I have deeply researched and interested in the field of nutrition and believe that nutrition is a key to life. From birth through life we need to improve our nutrition so that we can recover from daily life and even better when accidents happen.

I feel that I am deeply qualified for this position, as I will bring a wealth of knowledge of nutrition, health and help to this company along with the people you help.

Customer Service Representative

I am very skilled in customer service. I am a people person and a problem solver. I have good computer skills, communication skills, and language skills. I am a quick learner. I work well in teams as well individually. I work well without supervision or micro-management. I have good conflict-resolution skills.

Childcare: Aide and Assistant

I truly enjoy working with young children. I maintain a positive attitude and outlook while on the job site. I have good organization skills. Able to work on computers. I have had eight years of experience working with children ranging from 2 weeks up to 4 years of age. I work well with other staff members. Professional and open to others opinions.

Facilities, Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Professional and positive attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Highly organized and ability to prioritize
  • Ability to multitask
  • Thrives in a fast paced environment
  • Proficient in computer data entry

Restaurant and Food Service

My husband was stationed in MCAS Beaufort, SC in October of 2009, we were promptly relocated. During the two years I lived there I worked from home training young dogs, and providing a doggy daycare from home as well.


I am a hard worker, fast learner and able to work in a variety of settings. I have recently been involved in assisting with training staff in a new EHR system. I have the respect of co-workers, physicians and patients. I feel I would be an asset to any team.

Plastic Worker

I have had a wide variety of jobs ranging from Driving a truck to Route Sales to Managing a store. I feel I possess great value to any organization I'm working at. I am very easily trained and gain skills needed quickly, I have supervisory experience as well as experience implementing new procedures at various companies and training personnel on the new processes.I have a strong work ethic and have never had any problems with attendance at any company I worked for.

Administrative Assistant

  • Specialty Vocational Certification in General Office I & II
  • Timeslips Billing Software
  • Microsoft Office Applications: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • Experience with Windows XP, 7, Vista, MAC OS
  • Accounts Payables: printing and processing invoice payments
  • Multi-phone line monitoring and management
  • Ability to type 65+ words per minute
  • Extensive emailing, scheduling, and tasking
  • Postage machine and mass mailing
  • Advanced copy, scan, upload, fax

Customer Service

Highly energetic, outgoing and detail-oriented. Handles multiple responsibilities simultaneously while providing exceptional customer service. Reliable and friendly who quickly learns and masters new concepts and skills. Passionate about helping customers and creating a satisfying shopping experience. Upbeat and flexible with 4 years experience in retail sales. Driven and results-focused professional seeking a customer service position in a fast-paced retail environment. Reliable and punctual Sales Associate who possesses an excellent work ethic and more than 4 years in retail. Areas of expertise include inventory, cash management and exceptional customer service. Retail Sales Associate versed in merchandising, display design and customer relations. Service-focused professional and friendly team player with a knack for building productive working relationships. Extensive cash handling experience. Personable Customer Service Associate dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Outgoing, and efficient with the capacity to multi-task. High-achieving Sales Associate offering an extensive background in customer service, sales, client relations and merchandising. Self-directed and self-motivated team player who also works well independently.

Waiter and Server

  • Accurate Math Skills
  • Friendly, Outgoing Personality
  • Strong Memory
  • POS, Credit Card, and Cash Handling Experience
  • Ability to Provide Excellent Customer Service While Enduring Long Hours

School Counselling

Former work experience includes: Contractor for the Department of the Army as a Family Advocacy Program Manager in Yuma, Arizona to address instances of domestic violence and child abuse as well as prevention education. I was also employed as a School Guidance Counselor at a private, accredited school in St. Petersburg, Fl (St. Petersburg Christian School).

Call Center

I have taken several computer courses in college while obtaining my degrees and have much experience working with all Windows Operating systems. College also developed my Powerpoint skills and my abilities to research topics and provide effectively written summations of findings. During the course of employment I have worked on many different payroll and scheduling systems, created spreadsheets in Excel, and worked with databases using Access. I have also freelanced Brochures, Menus and Flyers for several businesses using graphic art skills.

Office Management

I have strong communication skills and an excellent ability to adapt to difficult situation. I am very detail oriented and a capable problem solver. I am proficient in most computer soft wares such as Quickbooks, Excel, Microsoft Office, Adobe, Etc. I have excellent organizational skills, as well as time and project management skills. I have leadership ability and handle well with large groups. I am also knowledgeable in bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, filing, scheduling, etc. I am highly motivated and have strong work ethics.

Personal Care

Besides caring for individuals I have significant experiences in handling money, secretary skills; answering phones, using computers, etc. I have worked within several family operated businesses and take pride in the skills I have learned in doing so.

Resume Additional Information Examples for Manager

Customer Service Management

Have worked in the Customer service field since I was 16 years old. Have managed in many different scenarios. Very hard worker and dedicated employee. Attended Palmetto Boys State and was invited back the following year as a junior counselor

Operations Management

Familiar with all Windows and Mac operating systems released after 1998. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, Excel, and Internet research. Able to troubleshoot my own computer issues comparable to a Level 2 technician. Typing speed approximately 50 words per minute.

Administrative Assistant

  • Accomplished Microsoft Office Suite 2010
  • Excellent Front-line customer service skills
  • Excellent English grammar, communication skills(knowledge of structure and content)
  • Strong writing, editing and oral communication skills
  • Created/developed employee training
  • Excellent standard office administration practices and procedures
  • Familiar with FOCUS
  • Executive presentations and development
  • Administrative support(over 5 years)with senior level management
  • Self-motivated
  • Accurate data entry skills
  • Work independently
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Supervisory experience(over 10 years)
  • Meets/exceeds goals
  • Develop/maintain cooperative relationships
  • Personal computer trained/accomplished
  • Quick learner
  • Manages/balance multiple responsibilities effectively to completion/time frame
  • Successful in resolving problems in a team-based environment
  • Technological assistance and support
  • Manages classrooms for diverse populations
  • Motivating students and employees
  • Knowledge of Fire and Rescue operations and terminology

Web Development

Over the last 11 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using xHTML, HTML5, CSS 2.0, CSS 3.0, jQuery, javascript, PHP including sites for startup companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business.

Financial Analyst

  • Experienced in business unit financial planning for multi-million dollar budget for the approval of C-level executives
  • Solid knowledge of expense recognition and accounting treatment of various types of expenses
  • Ability to tailor technical message to fit non accounting audience
  • Ability to work without supervision and maintain level headedness with frequent interruption and new assignments
  • Experience in manufacturing, banking and wholesaling industries on an international level
  • Profound ability to learn and maintain knowledge on new systems and processes
  • Recipient of multiple internal performance awards
  • Strong reconciliation and variance analysis skills
  • Ability to challenge self and foster personal growth through stretch projects


I am a hardworking, dependable,very capable individual. I enjoy building and restoring. Even as a foreman/superintendant I repeatedly joined in with my workers to help complete jobs in the most efficient and effective ways. I have extensive experience in the construction field as well as management. A fast learner and very mechanically inclined.

References available upon request.


I am a very dependable individual when it comes to being a Team Player. I never miss a day of work, regardless of any hectic schedule. I am always willing to complete all tasks, even if it means staying a little longer to complete them. I never leave anything unfinished that can not wait until the following day, and I always make sure things are ready for the next crew. I give any input I have to make the working environment not only easier for others, but more productive as well. My learning abilities are rapid and my work ethics are strong, and I believe I would be an asset to any company that would be willing to take me on as a member of their team.

Facilities, Maintenance and Cleaning

I am a highly motivated self starter with excellent problem solving abilities that requires no supervision. I pride myself on being honest and reliable. I am organized and have some computer skills.

Customer Service

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Hourly shift management
  • POS systems
  • Customer relations
  • Merchandising
  • Customer-oriented
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • Staff training and development
  • Store displays
  • Strategic thinker
  • Detail-oriented
  • Goal-oriented

Digital Arts and Design

  • I have been drawing for many years now.
  • I have drawn and designed many different characters for different games that I love to play.
  • I enjoy drawing these characters out of my own thought because it keeps me being creative and I'd never want that to go away.

Police Officer

  • In addition to the regular duties pertaining to a Sergeant in the Investigations Bureau, I enjoy instructing various classes in basic or advanced training. I am certified as a general police instructor, and am pursuing a designation as a master instructor. Specifically, I am certified to teach Ethics and related disciplines, Instructor Development, and Crisis Response.
  • Since 2008, I have been affiliated with the Albuquerque Retail Asset Protection Association, or ARAPA. As part of this affiliation, I have assisted in the formation of similar cooperative groups in Santa Fe and Las Cruces. These collaborative efforts have yielded very favorable results.

Sales Management

Founder of Superior Signs in 2002. Started from the ground up, and grew to over 4 million in sales. The company was sold in 2012, and I stayed on for an agreed upon 2 year period. The opportunity to develop with a growing company, and share my unique skill-set, is one that I look forward to.

Resume Additional Information Examples for Executive

Finance Controller and Treasurer

Previous Positions Held:

  • Fidelity National Title, Director of Trust Accounting, 1996 - 1999
  • Coldwell Banker, Inc., Internal Audit Supervisor, 1995 - 1996
  • Peritronics Medical, Inc., Accounting Manager, 1991 - 1995
  • Coopers and Lybrand, Audit Supervisor, 1987 - 1991

Engineering Management

  • Excellent project management skills; good written and oral communications skills in English; deep understanding to issues associated with vertical transport technologies for buildings and structures.
  • Computer-literate in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, electronic mail and internet; knowledge of user-level special programs: Lotus, SAP, AutoCAD, MS Project.
  • Personal qualities: enthusiastic, driven, customer-focused, result oriented; willingness to work with flexible schedule and under pressure; ability to travel extensively; ability to work cooperatively, tactfully and diplomatically with a diverse group of people.
  • Others: Driver’s license category «B», driving experience since 1998; passport for travel abroad until 2021;
  • Hobbies: Independent travel

Financial Management

  • Situational Leadership - 10/22/2007 up to 10/24/2007 - Richmond, Virginia, USA.
  • SAP training in Work in process - 02/2007 - Lucca, Italy.
  • Change Management & Leadership - 11/26/2006 up to 11/29/2006 - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA.

Painter and Sculptor

Da Vinci was a very important person from the Renaissance. His paintings, work, sculptures showed what the Renaissance was. He was a very influential person to the Renaissance.

Automotive and Motor Vehicles

I have experience with Reynolds and Reynolds, UCS, ADP, Automate, GM Global Connect, OE Connection, and the Workhorse WOW system. I have also taken several GM warranty training courses, both web based and in class, and a J&L warranty class.


  • Proficient in All Computer programs such as Microsoft word, power point, works, adobe, and photoshop.
  • Internet Savvy.
  • Smartboard skills.
  • Willing to take further education classes.


  • Done the Movie Editing for Pegasus Films Pvt Ltd also designed the Movie poster and banners.
  • Designed Web Site for the Pegasus Films Pvt Ltd.

Account payable / receivable

Good working knowledge of general accounting principles and concepts. Excellent communication and organization skills. Work Well independently. Self motivated individual with ability to learn new tasks. Working knowledge of SAP. Strong Customer Service experience. Proven ability to build strong working relationships with fellow peers.