Save resume as a PDF

Many employers no longer accept paper resumes. They prefer that applicants email or electronically submit resumes for jobs instead.

A resume that is too large to open or difficult to read, however, can cause the person applying for the job to be passed over in favor of another applicant. You can make sure your resume is compatible for any electronic job application by saving it as a PDF.

Reasons to Convert to PDF

Job recruiters only spend a few seconds considering applications submitted for a position. If they cannot download and open your resume, they may dismiss it entirely.

When you convert your resume to a PDF, however, you ensure that it will be easier to open and view. PDFs are typically smaller files and carry less file weight than resumes saved to a Word document.

Many hiring managers bypass the difficulty of opening and viewing applicants' resumes by requiring all resumes to be submitted as resume PDF files. They do not want to waste time having to open a Word document or gaining permission to open a Google Doc. Instead, they ask that all resumes submitted to them be converted from Word to PDF.

About Picture Profile

Finally, when you convert your resume from a Word document to a PDF file, you make it easier for you to add a picture profile if you choose. Some employers are more drawn to resumes with photo profiles, particularly for positions that require an extensive vitae.

If you only create a Word document resume, you may find it more challenging to add the photo profile using an image compressor, photo resizer or image converter. Further, the profile may be difficult to read or have a skewed appearance once the resume is opened.

Using an Online Conversion Tool

So how exactly can you convert your resume from Word to a PDF and ensure that it retains its professional appearance and readability? Your best option involves using a free and straightforward online conversion tool found on websites like

This tool allows you to easily convert resume to PDF formats while also ensuring that it looks and reads exactly as you wish. When you use this tool, you can also save the resume to your computer so that you have a PDF copy for every job for which you plan to apply. PDFtoWord allows you to convert your resume to a PDF with a simple three-step process. You first must select the file to upload to the tool. You can then email the Word file to your preferred email address and then convert the resume to Word format if you choose.