Areas of expertise for a resume

Expertise and education should match up on a resume. Core competencies that have been achieved via education should be placed somewhere near the top of a resume. Here are the most effective ways to list areas of expertise for each career level:

  • Students should make up for a lack of real-world expertise by listing GPA, relevant courses, academic achievements and clubs.

  • Entry-level job applicants can rely on GPA, coursework and volunteer work to compensate for a lack of real-world experience. Language skills and technical skills that have been learned through education are also highly important. It is also helpful to put a list of achievements on a resume.

  • Executive resumes should feature examples of high-impact skills in action. It is important to list examples of successful product launches and benchmarks that demonstrate an understanding of the global marketplace.

  • Manager resumes should feature robust descriptions of areas of expertise. This list should include things like technical skills, examples of successful negotiations and familiarity with best standards and practices.

  • An experienced professional should list competencies that are relevant to the field they are applying to jobs in. Technical, experiential and interpersonal skills should be highlighted.

Resume Areas of expertise Examples for Students

Business Administration

  • Microsoft Programming, Expert, 5 years
  • Customer Service, Expert, 7 years
  • Call Center, Expert, 3 years

Clinical Psychology

  • Sales and Marketing, Expert, 20 years
  • Online Marketing and Social Media, Expert, 7 years
  • Advertising, Expert, 20 years
  • Small Business Owner, Expert, 14 years

Customer Service

  • Market Materials Development, Marketing, 3 years
  • Communications Skills, Communication, 3 years

Customer Service Representative

  • Communications, Administration and Receptionist, 2+ years
  • Asset Management, Attention to detail, dedication to excellence, 21+ years

Dancer and Choreographer

  • Janice Lee's School of Ballet, Classical Ballet, Twelve Years
  • Hammond Studio of Dance, Tap and Jazz, Four years
  • Persian Cultural Dance Academy, Persian Cultural and Folk Dance, Ten years

Director and Producer

  • Music Production, Experienced , 4 years
  • Singing, Very Experienced , 7 years
  • Classical Piano, Proficient, 11 years
  • Logic Pro, Very Experienced, 5 years
  • Pro Tools, Experienced , 3 years

Graphic Art and Design

  • Computer Proficiency, Expert, 5 years
  • Cooperative Team Member, Expert, 7 years
  • Bilingual, Expert, 10 years
  • Verbal Communication, Moderate, 4 years
  • Energetic and Organized, Expert, 8 years

Legal Assistant

  • Justice Research, Writing, and Reasoning, I developed the skills needed to conduct and properly cite library and electronic research for social scientific and legal sources; and use them to make persuasive oral presentations and write papers, case briefs, and reports commonly used in the justice professions., ~48 credit hours years
  • Criminal Courts and Judicial Processes, I have learned the structure and operation of the criminal court systems of the U.S. at the local, state, and federal levels, including their respective jurisdictions. Emphasis on pre-trial and adjudication processes and the organizational roles and behaviors within the court system., ~48 credit hours years

Manufacturing and Production

  • Customer Service, My expertise in customer service includes being friendly and listening closely, doing my best to resolve problems, and creating positive encounters., 6 Years of experience years
  • Cleaning, I've had to clean in various ways in every job I've held., 6 Years of experience years
  • Computer, I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to using computers. I'm comfortable using any kind of computer or electronic. , 6 Years of experience years
  • Adjusting to new procedures, I'm a quick learner and changing my work habits is an easy thing for me to do., 6 Years of experience years

Mechanical Engineer

  • Collision Repair Technician, Auto Body Repairer, 2 years
  • Welding Skills, Welding, 3 years
  • Adobe Photoshop Software, Adobe Expert, 2 years


  • Cleaning, I am an experienced and certified trainer, 4 years


  • Registers, EBT, Cash Back, Credit, Debit, Check & Wic Transactions, 3 Years Off And On
  • Sales Associate, Great People Person And Work Well Around Others, 4 Years Off and On

Restaurant and Food Service

  • Marketing, Beginner, 1 year
  • Understanding and explaining phones to people, Expert, 4 years


  • Drawing, above average, 12 years
  • Writing Poetry/Puns, above average, 7 years

Software Engineering

  • Microsoft Office Tools, Experienced User, 10 years

Software Engineering

  • Computer Organization & Architecture, Single cycle & Multi Cycle Datapath, Memory Architecture, Pipeline Concepts, 22 years
  • Operating Systems, Process, Threads, Memory Management, Deadlocks, 2 years
  • Data Structures, Trees, List, Hashing, 3 years

Television and Radio

  • Computers and Technology, Proficient, Twelve years of experience
  • Broadcast Journalism, Proficient, Three Years of Experience

Resume Areas of expertise Examples for Entry Level Profiles

Animal Science

  • Herpetology, Iguanids, Colubrids, Agamids, 10 years
  • Cosmology, Redshift, Deep space measurements, 3 years
  • IT, Networking, 4 years


  • Metabolic impairment of reactive oxygen species during biotic stress, Biochemistry, 3 years
  • Induction of defense related genes in plants using possible elicitors, Molecular Biology, 3 years
  • Recombinant protein production and its structural and functional analysis, Molecular Biology, 3 years

Customer Service Representative

  • Facebook, Expert, 10 Years
  • Myspace, Expert, 14 Years
  • Google Plus, Beginner, 1 Year
  • Meetme, Expert, 14 Years


  • Computers, Smartphones, Apple, Android, Windows and Other , 6 years

General IT

  • Fencing, Sabre, 2 years
  • Running, Cross-Country and Competitive Track, 5 years
  • String Music, Violin, 10 years
  • Choral Singing, Bass, 1 years
  • OS Coding/Diagnosis, Linux, 2 years
  • Web Design, HTML5 and CSS3, 4 years
  • Blogging, tumblr, 3 years
  • Art/Creation/Videography/Music creation, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, SAI, Photoshop, Ableton Live, FL Studio, 2-5 years

Graphic Art and Design

  • Graphic & Web Design, Everyday user, 5 years
  • Arts & Crafts, Artistic, 17 years

Manufacturing and Production

  • Welding, Arc Welding , 5 years
  • Automotive Detail Tech, Detail all types Vehicles and Trailers, 7 years

Mechanical Engineer

  • Documentation in MS Word, Power Point Presentation, Typing, Editing, 3 years

Office Assistant

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word,Excel,Powerpoint, Outlook, over 10 years experience
  • Experienced typist, 75 WPM , 20 years experience years
  • Competent communication skills, written and orally , Over 20 years experience

Police Officer

  • Detainee Operations, Experienced, 4 years
  • Security, Experienced, 4 years
  • Patrol Operations, Experienced, 4 years
  • Motor Vehicle Skills, Experienced, 4 years


  • Labor/Hands-on, Contractor, 4.5 Years
  • Computer Science, Programming/Building, 5 Years

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Communication, Great at conducting research and relaying information, 5 years
  • Familiar with Google services, Highly familiar with google services, 5 years
  • Motivated and Goal orientated, Great at staying organized and focused , 5 years


  • Social Research Methods, Focus Groups, Surveys, Interviews, Needs Assessments, Market Research, Years of experience: 4 years
  • Writing, Research Proposals, Ethics Reviews, Surveys, Thesis, Dissertation, Years of experience: 4 years
  • Confidentiality, Drafting and creating confidential documentation, adhering to confidentiality and ethical guidelines, Years of experience: 4 years


  • Typing, About 65 WPM, 10 years
  • Microsoft Word, All capabilities, 10 years

School Administration

  • Multi Line Phone Systems, Expert, 15 years
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Expert, 15 years

Securities and Financial Services

  • Financial Modelling, Modelling, 2 years


  • Computer Technician, Moderate, 20 years
  • Driver, Professional, 15 years

Waiter and Server

  • World Processing, Intermediate, 4 years


  • Handyman, general ranch labor, 2 years

Resume Areas of expertise Examples for Experienced Candidates

Insurance Actuary

  • Current manager in training to the Vice President of Risk Services, Train new employees in the actuarial department, Leadership and Management , 2 years
  • Proficient in Excel and Word as well as medical ICD-9 coding and Ohio BWC manual class coding, Computer and Medical Coding Literacy , 2 years
  • Able to establish professional relationships with co-workers, attorneys, clients, and am able to network effectively, Customer Service and Relations , 2 years
  • Prepare detailed analyses, action plans, reviews, and reports, Expository Report Writing , 2 years

Aerospace Engineer

  • Engineering Project Management, Advanced, 6 years
  • Aircraft Modification Authoring, Advanced, 6 years
  • Customer Interfacing (Flight Ops, PMO Planning, Materials Planner, Quality Control), Advanced, 6 years
  • Programming (MATLAB, C, Visual Basic, Batch), Advanced, 4 years


  • Drawing, I started drawing when I was in kindergarten. I took 2D Art class for both middle and high school, 16 years
  • Coloring, I started coloring ever since I was in kindergarten. I took 2D Art Class for both middle and high school, 16 years
  • Communication, I took many volunteering opportunities at my high school. Most of them were greeting parents who came to the school during an 8th grade orientation, 16 years

Attorney and Lawyer

  • Attorney, Private practice with a focus on juvenile and domestic. Private practice for eighteen years. Juvenile Conflict Public Defender for sixteen years. Tried over 100 jury trials and bench trials while in private practice. , Licensed to practice in Oklahoma State Court and the Western District Of Oklahoma. years


  • Work well with a team, Have always got along with my piers, subordinates and management and am always complimented as to how naturally I I can lead and how easily I follow, 15 years

Civil Engineer

  • Computer literate, MS Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Video Editing, Etc, 2 years
  • Cooking, Asian(Filipino, Chinese), 5 years

Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Semiconductors, Senior Design Engineer, 13 years
  • Verilog, Senior Design Engineer, 12 years
  • FPGA, Design Engineer, 4 years
  • VHDL, Design Engineer, 3 years
  • Mixed Signal, Design Engineer, 10 years


  • Fashion Illustrator, Highly Experienced, 5 years
  • Fashion Designer, Experienced, 4 years
  • Modeling, Experienced, 3 years

Detective and Criminal Investigator

  • Digital Forensic Examinations, DoD Certified, 2 years
  • Interviews/Interrogations, DoD Certified, 6 years
  • Evidence Collection and Processing, DoD Certified, 6 Years
  • Drug Suppression Operations, DoD Certified, 6 Years
  • Intelligence Analysis, DoD Certified, 2.5 Years

Electrical and Electronic Engineer

  • PC Based Motion Controls, Highly Proficient, 15 years
  • PLC Software Programming, Expert, 20+ years
  • HMI / Visualization Programming, Highly Proficient, 15 years
  • Drive Programming, Highly Proficient, 15+ years
  • AutoCAD, Highly Proficient, 25+ years


  • Technical Support, Good knowledge of drainage network, excellent liaison with others including the public. Capable of working on my own initiative to produce working drawings and documentation. Extremely adaptable to all modern spheres, and proficient in computer systems., 27 years service in the Drainage Department, Survey & Mapping & Town Planning Department

Engineering Technician

  • Customer Relations, Customer service, Customer Satisfaction, 4 years
  • Technical Skills, Maintenance and repair of small equipment, 2 years


  • Steam Machinery Operation, qualified nuclear mechanical operator, knowledge of thermodynamics, application of Operating Procedures., 5 years
  • Steam Machinery Maintenance, qualified to perform periodic and corrective maintenance, knowledge of mechanical construction of steam equipment., 5 years

Industrial Engineer

  • Digital electronics design (including microcontrollers, FPGA, PLC..), Advanced, 11 years
  • HF RFID design (13,56MHz ISO 14443, MIFARE...), Advanced, 2 years
  • Analog electronics design, Advanced, 4 years
  • Supplier management, Advanced, 10 years
  • Customer support, Advanced, 10 years

Insurance Agent and Broker

  • Processor, Closer, Final Policies, Answering Phone, Construction Disbursement, IT, Expert, 14 years

Mechanical Engineer

  • Design Engineer, Mechanical Drive Systems, 2 years
  • Prototype Technician, Precision Machining and Fabrication, 10 years
  • Journeyman Tool and Die Maker, Support of production tooling and machines, 5 years


  • Writing, Extensive experience in drafting answers, complaints, discovery, responsive pleadings, 27 years
  • Communication, communications with clients, opposing counsel, court personnel and the judiciary, 27 years
  • Organization, management of 100 plus file caseload and multiple attorney calendars, 27 years
  • Research, research of case law and statutes for purposes of supporting responsive pleadings, 27 years

Product Design and Engineering

  • Medical Device New Product Development, Analog, Digital and Power Electronics Design, 13 years
  • Life Cycle Engineering, Failure Analysis, Service Engineering Support, Part Obsolescence Management, 13 years
  • Medical Device Safety Certification, IEC 60601-1, ISO 14971, IEC/ISO Standards Interpretation, 10 years

Security Guard and Surveillance Officer

  • Nys Licensed Security Guard, Camera Surveillance,Vehicle Check,Writing Reports,Asset Protection,Employee Escort and Scene Investigations,etc, 10 years

Software Engineering

  • Android, working Experience, 2.6 years
  • XML, working Experience, 2.6 years
  • Java, working Experience, 2.6 years
  • SQLite database, Working Experience, 2.6 years
  • HTML5, Working Experience, 1.2 years
  • SOAP Web Services, Working Experience, 2 .6 years
  • MYSQL, Working Experience, 2 years
  • Flash Builder 6.0, Working Experience, 6 months

Resume Areas of expertise Examples for Manager Candidates

Healthcare Management

  • EPIC, Fully Competent, 1.5 years
  • Powerscribe, Admin., 2.5 years
  • CERNER, Admin., 3 years
  • GE WorkStations, User, 2 years
  • PACS-Emageon/McKesson, User/Admin., +5 years
  • IDX, User, +2 years


  • Manager, intermediate, 4 years
  • Forklift and machine operator, expert, 20 years

Store Management

  • Experienced Retail Manager, Receiving and Delivery Operations, 25 years experience years
  • Managed Appliances, Plumbing, Paint & Home Decor, Flooring, Lumber and Building Materials, 7 years with Lowe years

Account Management

  • Management, Team building, highly motivated independent self-starter and team player, 6 years
  • Client Service, Established and maintained close relationship to customers. Ensure personal service and product/subject matter know-how. Diffusing situations and providing solutions, 6 years

Human Resources

  • Administration and Management, Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources., 15 Years
  • Customer and Personal Service, Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction., 15 Years
  • Personnel and Human Resources, Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation, and personnel information systems., 15 Years


  • Management, Operations, product development, product implementation, product research, materials and equipment, facilities design, future growth planning, research, modeling and forecasting, sales, employee relations, job descriptions, job evaluations, day to day tasks, weekly and monthly goal setting/evaluation, also conducted meetings and training seminars. 12 years
  • Accounting, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Managerial Accounting,Budgeting, Breakeven Analysis,Job Costing, Federal Payrolls, Contract Billing including retainage, 20 years
  • Marketing, Web design, radio advertising, television, newspaper, magazine articles, billboards, Google AdWords, Google , 12 years
  • Computing, Accounting software, Excel, Word, Outlook, Various other programs, 20 years

Operations Management

  • Management, Workload Balancing, Recruiting Talent, Employee Engagement, and Staff Development, 6 years
  • Operations, Project Design and Execution and Customer Collaboration, 9 years
  • Sales support, Responded to RFPs and Participated in Finalist meeting, 5 years

Organizational Development

  • Management, Team Building, 21 years
  • Project Management, Overseeing, deploying, completing projects, 15 years

Product Management

  • Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, 20 years
  • Management, Leadership, 15 years
  • Sales, Retail, 15 years

Program Management

  • Bilingual, English/Spanish Languages, 14 Years
  • Management, Project Management, 10 Years
  • Sales Management, Insurance / Real Estate, 3 Years
  • Ranch Management, Grassland Reclamation, 17 Years
  • Technology, All Personal and Office Machines and Software, 17 Years

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Management, Retail Sales, 3 years
  • Organizing, Filing and inventory control, 4 years
  • Customer Relations, Scheduling and organizing reservations, 3 years
  • Operating Computer Programs, Word and Quickbooks, 1 years

Strategy and Planning

  • Developing and managing various knowledge sharing projects, I am learning as much as possible because this work is vastly different from what I was educated to do but the combination of learning information and knowledge management techniques with the technical knowledge that I do have makes understanding the topics that are being discussed.and captured manageable., Two years
  • I helped to develop numerous products for packaging a wide variety items for commercialization, Project management was a required skill to make sure that all elements of the developmental projects were identified and completed., 10+ years
  • Laboratory testing and research projects which required coordination with many different analytic tests that had to be selected and conducted as well as actually managing the project to meet the internal customer's needs., Completing my portion of the research and coordinating with others research so that I could statistically analyze the results and present the findings., 10+ years

Resume Areas of expertise Examples for Executive Candidates

Senior Executive

  • Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Warehousing, 40 years
  • Inventory Management, Lean Manufacturing, 40 years

Insurance Agency Owner

  • Customer Relations, Business Management, 20 years
  • Marketing, Sales Development, 24 years
  • Insurance, Sales and Risk Management, 24 years
  • Client Relation Internal/External, Employee Hiring, Training, Development of Performance Improvement Plans, 24 years


  • Autodesk Revit, Visualization, 5 Years
  • AutoCAD, Drafting, 7 Years
  • Adobe Photoshop, Collage, 5 Years
  • Google Sketchup, 3D Modeling, 7 Years
  • Adobe Illustrator, Diagramming , 5 Years
  • Microsoft Office, Word and Excel, 10 Years

Bank Executive

  • Banking services, IT Services Management, 37 years

Call Center

  • Call Centre, Customer Care Executive (2008 - 2010) , 03 Years
  • Larsen & Toubro Co, Store Keeper, 09 Month
  • Supervisor, Storekeeper, 06 Month
  • Accountant, Stock Menton, 06 Months
  • Asansol - Durgapur Police Commissionerate, C.P.V.F, Still Working

Chef and Sommelier

  • Culinary Arts, Executive Chef, 25 years

Civil Engineer

  • Civil Engineering, Surveyor Engineering, 5 years
  • Civil Engineering, Field Executive Manager, 2 years
  • Civil Engineering, Bridge Alignment Controller, 2 years
  • Computer Programming, Windows Apps, 10 years

Advertising and Communications

  • Executive Producer, produce :30, :10, :15 and long form commercials, marketing videos, corporate communications, multi-screen including television, online, on demand and mobile communication devices, edit, copyright, voiceover, hire talent, hire freelance, manage budgets, manage client accounts, meet with clients, 14 years

Executive Manager

  • Budgeting and P&L Management, Team Building and Staff Development, Management, 15 years
  • Business Plan Development and Corporate Strategy Formulation, Strategic Planning, 15 years
  • New partnerships, Negotiations, Innovation, Acquisitions, Business and Corporate Development, 15 years
  • Functional Requirements Definition, Technology and Operational Teams Coordination and Management, Product Development, 10 years

Healthcare Management

  • Healthcare Executive, Reg. VP, CEO of Hospitals, BS degree in Bus.Adm.- Univ. of Sou. MS, 40 years

Mechanical Engineer

  • Technical Executive, Mechanical Engineering, 3 Yrs

Project Management

  • Executive Director, Program Development, 11 years

Recruiting and Employment

  • Talent Acquisition, IT - Recruitment, 3.2 years
  • Offer Negotiation, Offer letter preparation, 3.2 years
  • Onboarding, Offer Letter Preparation and Joining Formalities, 10 years
  • Training and Development, Analysing the candidates needs , 10 years

Restaurant Management

  • Operating and General Management Executive, 90MM P&L ownership at the multi-unit level in the restaurant industry with a solid strategic and tactical expertise in operations, fiscal management, sales and new product introductions. Expert at driving operations, planning and executing mission-critical business initiatives, and delivering favorable financial gains distinguished by net income increase of 45% increase in 2012. Successful at developing and promoting desired organizational talent while fostering strong cultures of excellence, teamwork and accountability by way of a trust-based management environment., 5 years
  • Core Competencies & General Management Skills, Strategic Operational Planning and Execution, Margin Improvement Initiatives, New Asset development & Capital Planning, Talent and Selection & Team Development, Conscientious, compassionate communicator, 12 years

School Administration

  • Leadership and Management, Strategic Planning, Policy, Professional Development, Team Building, Performance Evaluation, 13 years
  • Communication, Public Speaking, Writing, 15 years
  • Financial Development, Major Donor Development, Major Events, 2 years
  • Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Development, Models of Instruction, Performance Evaluation, Understanding by Design, Common Core Standards, Framework for Effective Teaching, Biblical Integration, Technology Integration, Research , 15 years

Securities and Financial Services

  • Extensive experience in portfolio management, securities analysis and relationship management for institutional, retail and high net worth clients. 30 years
  • Broad experience building successful investment teams, developing new investment products, and growing assets under management through excellent investment performance and consistent investment process. 14 years

Store Management

  • Retail Store Management, Customer Service Management, Revenue, Profit, Market Share Growth, Organization Restructure, 26 Years
  • Store Operations, Performance and Productivity Development, Expense Management, and Shortage Control, 17 years
  • Human Resources, Associate and Executive Employment Processes, Staff Leadership and Performance Enhancements, 17 years
  • Account Coordinator, Managing Multiple Locations. Associate Education, Negotiations, and Presentations,, 3 years


  • Experience in Operation & Maintenance of NLD BackBone, senior , 6 years
  • Hands-on Exp. in SDH & DWDM Commissioning, Cross-Connects, Maintenance and Upgradation, expert , 3 years
  • Troubleshooting the Transmission Equipments with the coordination of NOC, expert , 6 years
  • Handling Of Vendor Teams, well experienced , 6 years
  • Troubleshooting & Testing of fiber cables using OTDR, senior , 6 years
  • Fixing & configuration of ONT modem and configuration of router and switches, good, 2 years
  • Fiber optic termination and splicing for backbone & FTTH projects, expert , 6 years
  • Checking As-built drawings, Preparation of daily and monthly work progress, expert , 4 years
  • Installation of WIMAX antenna for wireless internet connection and configurations, good, 2 years