Resume Language Section

Here are the most effective practices for listing language skills for various career levels:

  • Students should list the number of years spent studying a language. Membership in language clubs or participation in international programs should also be included.

  • Resumes for entry-level jobs should highlight the number of years an applicant studied a language. Practical applications of language skills in previous jobs should also be included.

  • Executive resumes should highlight language skills that are relevant to the industry or market the applicant is seeking to work in.

  • Manager resumes should highlight ways that an applicant’s language skills have been useful in previous management roles.

  • An experienced professional resume should only include language skills if they have been relevant or useful in previous positions.

Resume Languages Examples for Students


  • English, First language : Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Spanish, high school level: I took two years of Spanish in high school

Waste and Recycling

  • Spanish, Fluent: Being born in El Salvador before I became a Canadian citizen, I was born speaking spanish. I moved to Canada at a young age, however so aside from speaking fluent Spanish I can speak English equally as well.

Waiter and Server

  • English, Fluent: Been talking English since I was in grade 5 and been talking English almost every day for the past 3 years
  • German, Mother Tongue: Talking German ever since I am born
  • French, Beginner: Been taught French in school in grade 8. Skills decreased during the years of not speaking it.
  • Romanian, Big-Mother Language: Been thought Romanian throughout bilingual education since toddler age

Special Education

  • American Sign Language, Have been signing for almost 6 years: My major requires that I be fluent in American Sign Language. I have been signing for about 6 years, and have been trained all the way through level 3 of the language. I know the language well enough to carry out a relatively smooth conversation.

Strategy and Planning

  • Thai, Mother Tongue: Native User
  • English, Fluent: TOEFL IBT score 8.1
  • TOEIC score 910
  • French, Conversational: TCF B1
  • Cavilam certificate B1+

Technical Support

  • English, Fluent: English is my native language.
  • Portuguese, Fluent: Portuguese was my first language.
  • Spanish, Conversational: Spanish was taught to me in a young age but I am not fluent.
  • French, Improving: I am currently taking French courses.


  • English, Fluent: Able to speak, read and write
  • Spanish, Fluent: Able to speak, read and write
  • American Sign Language, Basic: Pretty fluent

Restaurant and Food Service

  • English, Fluent: My first language.
  • Spanish, Limited Working Proficiency : Minimal conversations, know most numbers in price forms. Can greet customers and handle their basic needs. (No schooling for this)
  • French, Limited Working Proficiency: Minimal conversations, know a variety of foods and individual words. Can greet customers and handle their basic needs. (2 years of French Class at High School level)


  • English, Fluent: Native tongue
  • Spanish, 4 years: From 8th grade till 11th grade.

Psychology Researcher

  • German, Beginner/ Student: I have a love for languages and communication and I am working to learn many languages so that I may improve customer's experience and expand upon my company's customer diversity.


  • Fluent in English, 16 years: First language
  • Tagalog, 16 years: Proficient in comprehension and dialect
  • Spanish, 9 years: Proficient in only comprehension
  • Professor and Lecturer
  • Spanish, Intermediate: I have taken six years of Spanish education, counting high school courses.
  • Japanese, Beginner: I have taken three college level Japanese courses. In total it counts as three semesters worth and makes me semi conversant.


  • English, 17 years: I have been speaking english since I could first talk.
  • Spanish, 3 years: I took two years of high school spanish, and one year in college.

Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical

  • Tagalog, Fluent: The native language of the Philippines, where I was born and lived for 12 years.
  • English, Fluent: - I was already learning English when I entered Kindergarten back in the Philippines.
    • T.V. shows, movies and music exposed me to the language as well.
    • After migrating to the U.S., it enforced the language even more, which helped me become fluent in English.
  • Spanish, Beginner: - Took Spanish for three years during High School; can read and write at an advanced level.
    • Minimal Spanish conversation experience; speaking literacy is at beginner level.

Mechanical Engineer

  • Spanish, Expert: Very fluent in speaking the spanish language.Can also read and write the language professionally. It's also my first language spoken.
  • English, Expert: Very fluent in the English language. Can also read and write the language professionally.

Medical Assistance and Support

  • Spanish, Fluent: Bilingual: Able to fluently read, write, and speak both Spanish and English at a collegiate level.


  • English, Native.
  • Arabic, Proficient: -Tested into and graduated out of Arabic 3B at Averroes
    • Have taken Arabic courses since Elementary School
    • Both parents are native speakers

Resume Languages Examples for Entry Level Candidates

HR Generalist

  • English/Spanish, fluent: I have ability to read and write in both languages.

Aerospace Engineer

  • English, Fluent: Conventional classes in Brazil and did intensive classes in 2009 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Spanish, Advanced: Conventional classes in Brazil.
  • French, Basic: Autodidact.
  • Portuguese, Mother tongue: Fluent, mother tongue.

Animal Care and Service

  • English, Fluent: English is my primary language.
  • Spanish, Fluent: My family is from Cuba, and so I have been speaking Spanish my whole life.

Animation and Multimedia Design

  • English, Expert : Educated in the language and i communicate in English frequently.
  • Haitian Creole, Novice : I'm able to communicate in the language as it's my family native tongue.

Attorney and Lawyer

  • American Sign Language, Conversational: Able to converse with clients to understand their needs and situation and then convey understanding and explanation.
  • Spanish, Intermediate: Able to converse with clients in a basic level, but able to understand a great deal and demonstrate that I understand.

Psychology Counseling

  • English, Mastered: Biliterate in both English and Spanish allowing me to speak to a broader range of customers. English would be considered my stronger language of the two.
  • Spanish, Mastered: Can fluently speak and read Spanish allowing me to easily interact with customers unable to communicate in English. Have spoken it my whole life with my family.

Customer Service

  • Spanish, Very fluent: I am very fluent in spanish and am able to translate very well.
  • American Sign Language, Basic: I know the basic American Sign Language.

Data Entry and Word Processing

  • Spanish, Developing: I'm taking classes learning Spanish, understand and speak most phrases.

Diet and Nutrition

  • Italian, Mother tongue: Native fluency.
  • English, Advanced: TOEFL certificate, FIRST certificate (B2) + working and academic experience in english speaking countries.
  • Spanish, Fluent: Thanks to one year of work in Miami (communication with clients from South America).

Electrical and Electronic Engineer

  • Uyghur, native: Native speaker.
  • Chinese, Near native: Very good at Reading, Listening,Speaking and Writing.
  • English, Very good: Using English all in classes and life since 2014.9
  • Italian, A2: Basic user

Graphic Design

  • English, Expert: I can speak and write fluent English.
  • Spanish, Beginner: Entiendo mucho al escuchar lo que la gente dice pero no lo he hecho todavía competente en hablar y escribir.

Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurse

  • English, Fluent: Speak, Write, and Read.
  • Spanish, Fluent: Speak, Write, and Read.

Medical Records, Billing and Transcription

  • Spanish, Native Speaker: Fluent
  • English, Fluent: Studied since kindergarten
  • Italian, Fluent: Studied since 2009
  • French, Fluent: Studied since 2007
  • Japanese, Intermediate: Studied since 2009
  • Russian, Intermediate: Studied since 2009
  • Portuguese, Intermediate: Studied since 2007

Nurse Practitioner

  • English, A1: Basic User
  • Spanish, B1: Independent User
  • Portuguese, C1: Advanced User
  • Crioulo, C1: Advanced User


  • English, Native: I've spoken English all my life
  • Spanish, Know a few words : I know a few phrases, and words. But I could learn more if needed


  • Dutch, Mother Tongue: Mother Tongue
  • French, Advanced: Second Language
  • English, Advanced: Third Language
  • Spanish, Basics: Basic Knowledge

Resume Languages Examples for Experienced Profiles

Inside Sales

  • English, Expert: Fluently speak, read, and write English.
  • Spanish, Expert: Fluently speak, read, and write spanish.


  • English, Proficient: Read,Write and Speak
  • Bengali, Expert: Read,Write & Speak
  • Hindi, Proficient: Speak

Assembly and Fabricator

  • English, Fluent: Speak fluent English.
  • Spanish, Fluent: Speak fluent Spanish.

Attorney and Lawyer

  • Spanish, Fluent: Can speak spanish fluently
  • English, Fluent: First language that was taught


  • English, High: Fluid talk and writing
  • Spanish, High: Native language

Call Center

  • English, Fluent: Native English speaker
  • Spanish, Intermediate: Capable of carrying out common conversations and certain types of general conversations. Still actively learning.

Civil Engineer

  • Spanish, Mother language: Mother language
  • English, Advanced: Advanced
  • German, Intermediate: Intermediate

Cleaning Services

  • Spanish, Fluent: I fluently read, write and speak spanish.
  • English, Fluent: I fluently read, write and speak english.

College and University

  • Spanish, Native: Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia.
  • English, Full professional proficiency (ILR scale): Ten years of English studies and five years of cultural submersion in the United States.

Customer Service

  • English, Very Well: Very Well spoken, English is my first language
  • Spanish, Some of the Language: I know very little spanish,basic communication

Education and Training: English as a Second Language

  • Japanese, Intermediate: Have been studying Japanese for 8 years.
  • Spanish, Basic: Studied Spanish for 4 years in high school and 1 year in college.

IT Management

  • English, Full professional proficiency: Full professional proficiency
  • German, Professional working proficiency: Professional working proficiency
  • Italian, Limited working proficiency: Limited working proficiency

Marine Engineer

  • CITAT, 2010: 40 hour container inspections course
  • Port State Control School, 2010: 3 Weeks Inspector Course
  • Shipyard Competent Person, 2011: 4 day course
  • Certified Drill Instructor, 2009: 8 hour course

Mechanical Engineer

  • Italian, Proficient: Speaking - Very good: Reading - Very good, Writing - Good
  • English, Conversational: Speaking - Almost fluent: Reading - Good, Writing - Good
  • Romanian, Native language: Mother tongue

Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • English, Native speaker: Fluent verbal and written skills
  • French, Second language: Conversational verbal skills

School Administration

  • English, Advanced Level: Advanced in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Portuguese, Native Speaker: Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Spanish, Advanced Level: Advanced in reading, writing and speaking.

Securities and Financial Services

  • English, Proficiency: Cambridge Proficiency as language certification
  • French, Basic: Basic
  • German, Basic: Zertificat
  • Greek, Native: Fluent

Singer and Musician

  • English, Near native: Bilingual schools ever since Kinder garden
  • French, DELF B2: Studies done at the Alliance Francaise
  • Italian, B2: Studies done at Universidad de las Américas Puebla
  • German, A2: Studies done at Universidad de las América Puebla

Computers and Technology Technical Support

  • English, Intermediate: Spoken and Written
  • Malay, Advanced: Spoken and Written
  • Tamil, Advanced : Spoken

Resume Languages Examples for Manager Profiles

Social Sciences Administration

  • English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Arabic, Moderate: Speaking, reading and writing.

Installation and Maintenance: Automotive and Body

  • English, High: 100% Read / Write
  • Spanish, High: 100% Read / Write


  • Portuguese, Fluent: Native language
  • English, Fluent: Proficiency at Cultura Inglesa – 2001
  • The Oxford Examination in English as a Foreign Language – Higher Level – Oxford
  • Certificate in Advanced English: Cambridge

Business Development

  • English, Good: Good in writing, listening and speaking: Used to TOEIC self-test with highest score of over 550. In 2003, ever achieved IELTS 5.5 level.
  • French, Normal: Can do simple greeting and conversation: Used to study French while studying in UK.
  • Chinese, Good: Good in writing, listening and speaking.


  • English, Completely Fluent : My main language is English, i do know enough Spanish to communicate but not bilingual.

Customer Service Management

  • English, First Language: Expert in Reading/Writing/Speaking.
  • French, Advanced: Advanced in Reading.
  • Moderate in Writing/Speaking.

Customer Service Management

  • English, Very Good: English language is my second language and in use all the time.
  • French language, Beginner: My temporary location is France so I'm using opportunity to learn French language.
  • Arabic language, Beginner: As I worked in Arab country I had to learn enough of language to put me through basic verbal conversation.

Electrical and Electronic

  • Italian, mother tongue: mother tongue.
  • English, fluent: fluent in technical and familiar discussions.
  • French, fluent: normally used on travel.


  • English, College English: I am fluent in speaking and writing English.
  • Spanish, College Spanish: I am fluent in speaking and writing Spanish.

Fast Food

  • English, 18: Fluent reading, writing, and speaking this language.
  • Spanish, 18: Fluent reading, writing and speaking this language.
  • American Sign Language, 11: Able to carry a conversation with those who speak through American Sign Language and translate.

IT Consulting

  • English, Fluent: Verbal and Written.
  • Bahasa Malaysia, Fluent: Verbal and Written.
  • Cantonese, Fluent: Verbal only.
  • Thai, Beginner: Verbal only.
  • German, Beginner: Verbal only.

Loan Officer and Counselor

  • Romanian, Native: Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • English, Proficient: Speaking, Reading, Writing
  • Spanish, Advanced: Speaking, Reading, Writing


  • English and Spanish, Fluent to Moderate: Fluent in English Communication
  • Moderate in Spanish Communication

Restaurant and Food Service

  • German, Mother Tongue: Mother Tongue
  • English, Excellent: Bilingual Proficiency
  • Spanish, Excellent: Bilingual Proficiency
  • French, Good: Professional working proficiency

Restaurant Management

  • English, Fluent: Raised Bilingual
  • Spanish, Fluent: Raised Bilingual

Resume Languages Examples for Executive Candidates

Advertising, Marketing and PR

  • Spanish, Fluent: Can speak, read, and write in Spanish.
  • English, Fluent since 1983: Can speak, read, and write in English.

Automotive and Motor Vehicles

  • Bilingual - Spanish / English, Fluent: Able to communicate with coworkers and customers

Chef and Sommelier

  • Spanish, Expert: Fluent in conversational, spoken and written word
  • English, Expert: Fluent in conversational, spoken and written word
  • French, Intermediate: Understand some spoken conversational French and all culinary terms.

Dentist and Oral Surgeon

  • Spanish, Fluent: Took five years of Spanish, and passed with high A's. I can write, listen, and speak Spanish!

Financial Management

  • English, Advanced : Advanced Level at PHIL YOUNG'S ENGLISH SCHOOL.
  • Italian, Advanced: Advanced Level at Circolo Italiano
  • Certified by Wizard Idiomas - Regular Italian Course.

Childcare Management

  • English, Fluent: First Language
  • American Sign Language, Proficient: Second Language

Organizational Development

  • English, speak fluent: Studied in the United States of America
  • French, Speak fluent: Studied in France
  • Russian, Speak fluent: Studied in Russia
  • Swedish, Expert in all areas: I grew up in Sweden

Sales Management

  • English, Upper-intermediate: Good reading and writing abilities. Able to support business conversation on a decent level. Keen in developing current language skills.
  • German, Intermediate: Able to understand native speakers and support conversation on a good level.

Singer and Musician

  • Greek, English, French, Spanish, Masters in Languages at the University of Oxford
  • I am a fluent speaker in the following languages: Greek, English, French, and Spanish. In addition to this I have lived in speaking countries of every language stated to further my understanding of the speech.
  • The languages also are a tool for me to be used in my compositions for albums in my several rock groups, which provides a variety of types of music available to this company attracting a broader audience to purchase my work.

Insurance Underwriter

  • French, Extremely proficient: I attained near fluency in French during my time at University and during the year I spent living in France. I was also speaking French in a business context during my employment at Willis where I negotiated in French with underwriters based in France and Belgium.