Resume Examples

It is important to follow only resume examples that reflect your professional level. A resume that is specific, streamlined and appropriate can increase the odds of landing interviews and getting hired.

Student Resume Examples

Hiring managers treat student resumes differently because it is understood that applicants seeking their first jobs don't have a lot of experience. However, these resumes should still highlight various accomplishments and skills. An effective student resume will focus on an applicant’s academic success.

Details such as relevant coursework, GPA, honors, scholarship and classroom involvement should be highlighted. In addition, an internship should be a key part of a student resume. Details regarding volunteer service and hobbies can round out a student resume quite nicely.

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Entry-Level Resume Examples

An entry-level resume should be relatively short and simple. One of the biggest mistakes people make with entry-level resumes is to try and puff them up with filler information. Hiring managers don't want to have to skim through irrelevant information to get to the important details. One of the most important things to include on an entry-level resume is a strong objective statement.

For recent graduates, keywords related to a particular field of study should be included on a resume. Placing appropriate keywords on a resume will make it more likely that a hiring manager will see and respond to it. A lack of work experience for an entry-level applicant can be balanced out with details about education, training, credentials or volunteer experience. For those crafting a first resume, following the format of a resume example can help to create an effective and streamlined finished product.

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Executive Resume Examples

There is a unique approach to crafting an executive resume because hiring managers and decision makers have very strict guidelines regarding who qualifies for such positions. Most executive-level job openings are never posted for the general public to see. In fact, most resumes that are submitted for executive-level positions are actually requested by organizations or corporations because they are already interested in the applicant in question.

This type of resume should demonstrate the unique and impressive expertise than an individual has accumulated during the length of their career. In addition to previous executive titles, an applicant should also list specifics about past projects and accomplishments. Important details to put on display include the size of previous departments that have been managed, project budgets, measures of success and revenue levels.

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Manager Resume Examples

A manager resume should demonstrate an applicant's ability to manage, delegate and successfully deliver results to an organization. This can be one of the most challenging types of resumes to create because of the difficulty of narrowing down what to include. A manager resume requires a strong objective statement because hiring managers want to know if an applicant is interested in managing large groups of people, overseeing projects, nurturing talent or other possible duties. It is important to be specific about the headcount, project size and budget levels involved in previous management roles.

The qualifications needed for management positions can often be very specific for each industry. It is a good idea to follow the resume model for a specific industry when creating a personal resume. It is also important to include relevant educational experience in the field of management. Hiring managers are interested in seeing degrees and certifications that show an applicant's aptitude for implementing the latest management techniques.

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Experienced Resume Examples

Experience trumps just about everything else in most career fields. An experienced applicant's resume should read like a list of accomplishments. It is important to highlight job titles, responsibilities and success stories when crafting a resume that highlights work experience.

A strong objective statement is also necessary to tie everything together. Hiring managers will want to see how an applicant can make their years of experience work for a new organization. While education is an important thing to highlight, degrees and qualifications should be listed below work experience on the resume of a seasoned, proven professional.

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