How to write a resume objective

While resume summary statements are becoming more commonplace, many employers still expect you to include a resume objective statement on your resume. You can create an objective statement for the level you are at in your career by using these resume objective examples to guide you.

Statements for Common Career Levels

It should not present you as self-centered or demanding but rather as career-oriented and ready to work. Some examples for different career levels to consider include:

  • Student: A student career objective should emphasize your readiness to gain experience and be part of an organization or team. You should use specific job roles or titles in which you are interested.

  • Entry Level: An entry level career objective statement should highlight your readiness to learn and to gain new skills. You should acknowledge the industry in which you plan to work.

  • Executive: An executive resume should use an objective statement if you plan on changing industries or if you are targeting a specific industry. The statement can be used for a lateral or upward move equally. You should avoid making demands in the statement.

  • Manager: If you are new to the management industry or you want to land a specific management role, you should use the resume objective statement to get your resume noticed. The resume should be strongly worded and brief.

  • Experienced: Many experienced resumes utilize objective statements to help people make lateral or upward moves. It should be specific to the role you are applying for and demonstrate your knowledge of the position.

Resume Objective Examples for Students


To obtain a position of Administrative Assistant in a company that will utilize my excellent skills in providing administrative support to other departments in a highly stimulating work environment.


To obtain a sales associate position with () where I can utilize my sales enthusiasm and friendly personality to ensure customer satisfaction and recurring business.

Urban and Regional Planning

To gain work experience and understanding of urban planning and development to become instrumental in creating policy on low-income housing. To seek volunteer opportunities to provide access to information and education to inner-city youth.

Product Design

To be an active & excellent employee in your organization and to express and develop my professional skills for the mutual benefit of the company and myself.

Teller and Customer Service

Seeking a position as a bank teller in a well established organization. A bank teller position in a company that recognizes hard work and enthusiasm as key to excellent job performance. To secure the position of bank teller in a fast-paced financial environment

Hair Stylist and Hairdresser

To further my knowledge, Professional, and personal growth as a cosmetologist by providing excellent customer service, and hard work.


I am seeking to enter into the sales and managing field. I am a great team player more importantly a passionate team leader when called upon.


People friendly, goal oriented, outgoing and would bring in profit to the tasks I have at hand. Results-oriented, dependable professional experienced in childcare and within social services, which are fine-tuned through hands-on experience. Excels in fast-past environments as well as the initiative to increase productivity, quality and company profitability.

Web Development

To obtain an internship or entry level position as a Help Desk Technician.

Volunteer Management

Working in retail business should posses good communication skill and should be polite, kind and humble while talking to the customers or clients. The person should have best presentation and marketing skills. Other skills include the knowledge of computer, analytically ability and customer service centrism skill.


joining the electricians union after high school.

Software Engineering

I intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed and dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. I am willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment.

Television and Radio

Persevering student looking for an employment opportunity, giving the best of me. Respectful, responsible and helping others in any needs.

Physician and Surgeon

My objective is to one day be able to work in the field of medicine. I would like all of the experience I can get to help me reach this goal.

Training and Development

My objective is to seek full-time employment in the area related to my educational background which would include; Business Management and Marketing.

Insurance Underwriter

Experienced data processor and office manager with a B.A. in English. Possessing strong abilities to organize data and information into a structured product. Has worked in the insured field for 8+ years and can communicate with others in a respectful and timely fashion. Receptive and eager to learn new skills in order to become a successful underwriter.

Security Guard and Surveillance Officer

Seeking full-time employment to have the financial support necessary while in college.


My objective is to obtain full time employment and have the ability to advance in my career.

School Librarian

To pursue a career through Loudoun County Public Schools. Helping people has been an aspect i have always wanted included in my career. Schooling and Learning is a key factor in life and is what makes you succeed in growing and getting a good job.

Strategy and Planning

I would like to find a 6 months internship after I finished my master study in MIP Politecnico di Milano, starting from July 2013 to December 2013. And would also looking for a job after my internship.


My objectives are very simple, live life, work hard, in stay focus. Those are my three very most important objectives that i live by everyday. If i have this attitude everyday in life, then want nothing stop me.

Public Relations

To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of communication.

Personal Assistant

I'm looking for a part time position to build upon prior experiences and further my knowledge and experience. I work well with a team and can be a leader when one is needed, I am also good at completing tasks in a timely fashion. I am great with people and enjoy listening to others. I am very accepting and I enjoy meeting people of all different backgrounds.

Pharmacy Technician

I have little experience in the work force, but I am eager and ready to gain experience and give 100 percent to any task.


I am a highly motivated recent graduate looking to develop my practical skills in psychology. I am skilled in research and analysis and am interested in working in child and/or youth services. Ultimately I aim to undertake Master's level training in psychology in combination with full-time work.

Broker and Agent

Looking for a challenging position that would allow me to apply my knowledge in operative and business areas.


Motivated model looking to achieve sales targets and contribute to long-term business growth through premier customer service and maintenance of store standards.

Science Technician

To be the hardest, most efficient, task-oriented person I can be while leading by example and interacting well with fellow employees.


To work for a company that cares about its employes and a company in which an employee can grow.

Resume Objective Examples for Entry Level profiles

Inside Sales

Seeking an inside sales position at a company where I can utilize my manufacturing and logistics background to contribute to the success of the sales team and the company.

Account payable / receivable

To obtain a challenging post at your reputable organization that will utilize both my educational background and professional experience to contribute and simultaneously provide excellent opportunities for career development and personal growth.


To apply the knowledge, skills and techniques learnt during my education, towards achieving the goals of organization and to take on progressively higher management position in future.


To obtain employment in a clean, hospitable work environment.

Biological Scientist

I am a dependable innovative person looking to obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong science background, varied work history, and ability to adapt well with a rapidly changing work environment.


To obtain archaeological experience from participating in field work, lab work, and public showcasing.


My objective is to have a career that i will love from day to day and enjoy going to work and growing from that to where i can teach others the way i gained my career.

Civil Engineer

To put my best Endeavour to excel the organization of which I would be a part.

Customer Service

I am looking for an entry level position where I can use my customer service experience and that I can grow with the company.

Customer Service Representative

Provide customer support/services on the company platforms to the customer. Troubleshoot technical problems and provide/address solutions to customers. I have strong communication skills, and the adaptability/ability to work under pressure. I strive to solve customer’s problems in an effective/creative manner in a challenging position.

Waste and Recycling

My objective for the job is to acquire experience that I may carry over into future jobs. Not only experience of the job itself but of the environment and atmosphere of the job and the dedication required.


Seeking an opportunity to expand work experience.

Team Manager

Seeking a RHA position at Winston-Salem State University applying community serving skills for the benefit of my fellow peers.


To occupy a position in computer related fields or networking. To gain experience and to expand my knowledge in computers. To form part in a company with an opportunity to grow.


Successfully accomplish receptionist task, telephone operations, and aid other staff while providing exceptional customer service and attend to each patient's individual needs.

Dentist and Oral Surgeon

To overcome the competition in the field of Dentistry and when their use my problem solving skills and hospitality to be the best Dentist one can become.

Vocational Training

To attain a position of software intern in development field to contribute my knowledge, skills and experience for the advancement of the company while studying and making myself grow with the company.

Program Coordinator

To contribute to the well-being of both the employer, and myself as well as providing excellent customer.

Restaurant and Food Service

To obtain an employment position in your establishment.

Renewable Energy

To obtain a position in White hat hacking. It is a misunderstood position. white hat hackers are helpful for companies that need to protect very sensitive information.

Military Officer

Creative, detail-oriented cadet that excels at writing, research and organization. Sees the most important parts of a project and focuses on those first.

Natural Resources and Agriculture: Ranch worker

To find a long term job on a farm.


The major objective is to acquire ample skills to emerge as a successful driver in future.Through my youth,leadership and experiences I have learned many practical skills.High school and college have strengthened my teamwork.It is my hope that I can grow through my future internships and expand my knowledge in specially automation area.With my passion,hard work and dedication I plan to fully embrace every learning opportunity so that I may be a successful in future.


Personable business student with many years of customer service experience. Dependable and dedicated to learning the intricacies of the sales profession.

Hair Stylist and Hairdresser

My objective is to pursue a career as a Hair Stylist. I want to utilize my knowledge to my fullest potential. As an employee, you will find that I easily adaptable to different environments. I am a team player dedicated the success of the salon. Given my exceptional abilities, I believe I can bring a high level of experience to this stylist position.


Objective of my job application:

  • I am seeking part time cleaning job available via your company. I can do any available cleaning job and at any time of the day.
  • I expect the working environment will be demanding dedication and hard work and I am ready to do my best for the position that will be offered to me.

Resume Objective Examples for Experienced people

Assembly and Fabricator

I want to become a successful individual in a corporation what will utilize my skills.

Bank Executive

To work in a challenging environment and constantly update, adapt to changing technologies and contribute effectively to the development of the organization.

Butcher and Meat Processing

Seeking the opportunity to join a company that has a need for a butcher/ slaughterer/meat-cutter.

Call Center

To Obtain A Customer Service Position With A Company Where My Years Of Experience Can Be Utilized Along With Opportunity For Advancement.


To obtain challenging and skillful employment that can add to my experience in the workforce.


To obtain a position where my skills in Property Management experience and training may be fully utilized, as well as allow future advancement.

Business Customer Service

Seeking a challenging career that utilizes my talents and communication skills.

Sales Customer Service

A challenging position within a professional environment with opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Customer Service Representative

To obtain a position as an active employee in a growing , reputable company where i can contribute my experience, proactive attitude , and positive outlook to help improve the company and myself.I would like to gain new skills while using my current knowledge and my willingness to learn.

Customer Service Representative

To further develop skills in business and customer service. Determined to learn and achieve all goals required in order to become a successful and respected asset to my peers and establishment.

Elementary School Teacher

To attain a challenging position that allows me to use my current experience and skills to assist building and advancing a company that offers a secure employment opportunity. I am also enthusiastic in achieving new skills and business advancement.

Customer Service Representative

To obtain the Inside Sales & Support Representative position by demonstrating my customer relations and service skills that will contribute to the long-term goals of ASTM International.

Military Enlisted

My goal is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation.

Fast Food Worker

I am a hardworking and creative young business entrepreneur with excellent administrative and leadership qualities.I am looking forward to enroll myself in an organisation which would nurture my business affiliated qualities and help me attain optimum efficiency.

Human Resources Management

Seeking a job with a company looking for a motivated, energetic individual with 23 years of military experience that has excellent problem solving abilities, good communication skills and is a team player.

Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurse

Bringing demonstrated ability to take care of patients through the provision of comprehensive nursing practices to ensure quality and safe delivery of patient care services.


To obtain a position that will allow me to use my skills and education to make a positive contribution to this organization.

Medical and Lab Technician

To enter into a globally competitive environment that would fit my qualifications , maximize my management skills and training experiences.


I strive to find a fast paced environment where I can used my self motivation in order to help a business grow to its maximum potential. I strive to learn everything I can to be a more effective worker and to use the skills I've already gained in order to maximize business success.


My objective is to seek employment in the healthcare field. I am currently a CNA awaiting a test date to become a STNA.

Office Assistant

Seeking a position with a well established company that promotes teamwork and growth, where my skills will be implemented and enhanced to the benefit of the company.

Outside Sales

Self motivated, high performing sales professional with experience in promotion, management, and producing results. Excellent interpersonal skills. Develops strong territory plans and customer relationships.

Physician and Surgeon

Further build upon my experience in cardiac anaesthesia and stay contemporary with newly emerging guidelines, management strategies and techniques in the field.

Registered Nurse

Dedicated Registered Nurse with about 11 yrs of professional experience seeking a position that will utilize my skills and allow me the opportunity to provide positive contributions in the health care.


Seeking long term employment in an organization where I can grow professionally and further enhance my skills, knowledge, and experience.


To obtain a position where I can be a productive and dependable employee, while gaining additional experience and new skills.

Singer and Musician

I intend to be a freelance translator that works with translation agencies and direct clients. I am always available to work with long time, urgent projects. I am always open to learn new things.


To gain field experience while completing my coursework for Operator # 1, Wastewater treatment plant, sitting for exam in July 2014.

Resume Objective Examples for Manager profiles

HR Generalist

To be part of a well established company where I can grow and build my career.

Civil Engineer

Having made my way to my current job level, I am actively seeking a position that will encompass the many facets of being an effective project manager and leader, with the hope of securing a role that will help communicate between the owners and the field personnel to optimize profits.

Computer Security

To obtain an Information Security Specialist/Management position where my 21 years of professional and military experience, education, and training will allow me to make an immediate contribution to your company's security posture.

Construction Management

Seeking long term employment in an organization where I can grow professionally and further enhance my skills, knowledge and experience to face and overcome the challenges of today’s changing work environment.

Customer Service Management

Obtain a customer relations representative position as a team player in a people-oriented organization where my customer service experience and skills can be effectively utilized for increased profitability in a challenging environment to improve customer satisfaction and enhance the company brand name.


To secure gainful employment to better myself and for my family.

Elementary School

My objective is to gain employment in the field of education (elementary, middle school math, or high school business).

Administrative Support: Executive Assistant

To obtain a position that will enable me to use my strong organizational abilities, utilize skills obtained from past experiences, and ability to work well with people.

Store Management

I wish to obtain an Assistant Produce Manager position through which i can utilize my skills at its best for the benefit of the Company as well as my career growth.

Hardware Engineer and Specialist

Manage and Engineer multimedia products. Create and carry flawless execution momentum to propel products into profitable design wins.

Insurance Agent and Broker

I am a driven, motivated professional looking for career growth. I am a leader by nature and have succeeded in many endeavors throughout my career. I am experienced in many levels of business from finance to management.

Skilled Trades: Management

Self motivated leader experienced in working in fast paced ever changing environments. I take pride in my ability to remain level headed and perform any and all aspects of my duties with the highest level of quality, safety, and competence.

Metal Worker

To further my career in production planning in the manufacturing industry.

Operations Management

Knowledgeable supervisor with over ten years experience in hospitality, seeking managerial position. Has an exceptional record of optimizing inventory, merchandising, branding, marketing, and public relations.

Personal Assistant

Seeking a position in a renowned company to add value to my experience and also brighten the path to my career goals.

Product Management

To secure a position in a growing company that has room for advancement.

Property Management

To secure a position with a well established organization with a stable environment that will lead to long lasting relationship.

Store Management

To secure a position in customer service that includes the ability for growth and advancement.


Committed and motivated Administrative Assistant with exceptional customer-relation and decision-making skills. Strong work ethic, professional demeanor and great initiative.

Restaurant and Food Service

Obtain a position with a company where I can maximize my management skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.


My goal is to obtain a stable, yet challenging, position in a professional environment in which to learn new technologies and skills while utilizing my previous experiences to improve beyond my current abilities. I expect to build a strong business relationship within the company and with clients; and to exceed expectations in all aspects of my work.

Restaurant Management

To be a part of the organization that offers opportunity for enhancement of professional and personal skills, and would allow me to utilize my leadership, organization and human relation skills in a professionally detailed environment.

School Administration

To manage or assist in managing a school and provide primary responsibility for various areas of leadership across the building.

Sales Management

Pursuing opportunity which will utilize my development skills, leadership skills, and communication abilities to enhance the work organization and surrounding communities. Being that I am an innovator, I look forward to offering new and fresh ideas that allows me develop and enhance your growing work force.

Restaurant Management

I am looking for a challenging position with opportunity for advancement. I am able to take on many tasks at a time and still meet and exceed expectations that are set for me. I am able to adapt quickly to changes and embrace new beginnings.

Strategy and Planning

To pursue a highly rewarding career, seeking for a job in challenging and healthy work environment where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently for organizational growth.

Resume Objective Examples for Executive candidates

Store Management

My goal is to skills and valuable knowledge to provide excellent service to customers and to maintain, build, and motivate the store crew to continue the great successes that the store has had in the past.

Maintenance Manager

To provide excellent customer service by maintaining the property and always striving to make improvements.

Transportation and Distribution

Secure a position with a reputable company which allows me to further expand upon my experience and expertise in logistics and client care.

Administrative Assistant

Seeking an opportunity in a reputed organization where I can utilize my ability and capability for the benefit of that prospective company.

Advertising, Marketing and PR

To obtain a position with a company that is a leader in the outdoor advertising field, and to bring the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the last 19 years in order to increase sales and profits, focusing on the rising Hispanic market.


To work in a friendly environment and excel at anything I do. Also to be open to new experiences and maintain a good workplace.

Business Administration

To declare ourselves free and independent from Great Britain, demand redress for the bloodshed that they have perpetuated against those claimed to be fellow countrymen, and to demand the right to to all things which free and independent states might do.

Chef and Sommelier

I am a chef who is very passionate about creating memories for people through food. It is my objective to join a team who is as equally as passionate about their food, as well as creating a comforting and welcoming environment for guests to enjoy.

Customer Service Management

Proficient collections floor manager seeking opportunity to maximize productivity & revenue for large collections/customer service office.


Knowledgeable and innovative finance, sales and marketing professional whose success is based on integrity, exceptional customer service, efficiency and ambition.

Customer Service Management

My objective is to obtain employment with a dynamic company. I would like to contribute to a team atmosphere and help grow any company.

Outside Sales

A challenging and rewarding position as a sales account manager with a growth oriented firm that offers diverse job responsibilities and the opportunity for advancement.

Physician and Surgeon

To Obtain a Position as head of surgery at the Cancer Center of America in Jacksonville Florida.


I am a extremely skilled programmer. I specialize in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, as well as CSS 3. I focuses on web application development and being on the cutting edge of technology.

Production Supervisor and Manager

Willingness to work hard to achieve the goals by utilizing conceptual and analytical skills to contribute the growth of organization and self.

Office Management

Effective and results driven individual seeking a part-time position of Administrative Assistant/Office Manager with Southern Wine and Spirits. Offering 12 years of experience as office manager using administrative support and exceptional clerical skills and a desire to succeed in a fast-paced environment to benefit the organization.

Inside Sales

I am a dependable, hardworking individual with 19 successful years in the service and sales industry, looking to use my knowledge and skills to become a productive member of your winning team. My desire to help others improve their quality of living is what is propelling me to get back into the medical field.

Construction Management

Provide comprehensive project management for electrical projects through strategic commodity purchasing, assistance in planning of field installations and identification of potential change orders in order to enable maximum profitability.


Due to the recent layoffs at Sabreliner Corporation I am seeking a facility maintenance related position in the Perry County area. I would like to use my many years of experience to help your organization run flawlessly by meeting your day to day maintenance needs.

Insurance Agency Owner

To excel in the corporate ladder in the insurance industry.


To secure a challenging position within a growing company that will allow me to utilize a variety of my professional skills, and offers infinite opportunity for advancement.

Customer Service Management

To obtain a job opportunity as a Debt Collector with great focus on the job description. Achieve great success through a rewarding career in Customer Service using hard work ethics and professional skills acquired throughout my long, successful work experience in the Collections industry.