Resume Contact Information

While your work experience, education, and other skills take center stage on your resume, it can never be considered complete without your resume contact information. Regardless of what resume format you choose to utilize, your resume personal information should be the first pieces of information that you include.

Find out what contact information should be on a resume by knowing what personal details employers look for when you apply for a job.

Full Legal Name

Employers want to know who submits resumes to them. They may be impressed by your skill sets and training; however, if you fail to include your name, they will pass over your resume in favor of another.

The first detail of your personal information resume should be your full legal name. Your first and last name as well as your middle initial if you use it should be printed in bold type and in a larger font than the rest of your contact details.

Along with your full legal name, you should include other signifying information like suffixes such as Jr. or Sr. and any professional credentials that you have earned. These credentials can include BSN, RN, CPA, and other professional titles that demonstrate your skill levels and to which you are rightfully entitled to use.

Full Permanent Mailing Address

In addition to your name, you should include your full permanent mailing address on your resume. Your address should include your street number and name as well as directives like NE or SW.

You likewise should include your unit or apartment number and also your address's full zip code. Ensure that your street name is spelled correctly as misspellings could cause your resume to be passed over by recruiters.

Phone Number and Email Address

Many people today use cell phones instead of landline phones. If you use a cell phone, you should ensure that it remains powered on throughout business hours so that you can take phone calls from job recruiters. You also should make sure that your voicemail message is professional.

If you do use a landline, you should not allow children to answer it. The manner in which a call for a potential job offer is answered could set the tone for your upcoming interview.

Along with your phone number, you should list your email address on your resume. You should use a personal email address instead of your work email. Potential employers may view your use of work email as a violation of your current employer's resources.

If applicable, you may want to include the URL to your LinkedIn profile or your personal website. Many people now maintain websites to advertise their work skills and eagerness to further their careers.