Resume Featured skills

When you consider the skills to include in a resume, you should list those that pertain most to the job for which you are applying. For example, if you are applying for a teaching position, you want to list skills like prior teaching experience or working with children first so that prospective employers will know immediately that you are qualified for the job.

You also should list featured skills that are complementary to the open position. Complementary skills like technical writing, customer service, or other broader but still relevant talents can help put you above your job market competition.

Resume Featured skills Examples for Students

Advertising, Marketing and PR

  • Microsoft Word, College Level Classes, 3 years
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, College Level Classes, 2 years
  • Microsoft Excel, College Level Class, 1 years

Aide and Assistant

  • Good with Computers, learning more in school, about 4 years

Animal Care and Service

  • Customer Service, Intermediate, 5 years
  • Organization, Intermediate, 14 years
  • Math Skills, Intermediate, 14 years
  • Task Management, Intermediate, 10 years

Automotive and Body

  • Brake replacement, novice, 3 years
  • Starter replacement, beginner, 1 year
  • Engine tune up, novice, 3 years
  • Alternator and belt changes, novice, 2 years
  • Oil changes, expert, 4 years

Barista and Café Worker

  • National Honor Society, Member, 2 years
  • National Spanish Honor Society, Member, 2 years
  • Volunteering at Sweetwater Organic Farm, Worker, 5 years
  • Journalism, Back Page Editor, 3 years

Civil Engineer

  • Programming, C Programming, 2 years
  • Designing, HTML , 4 years
  • Designing, CSS, 4years

Computer Security

  • Vulnerability Testing, Beginner, 2 years
  • Coding, Excellent, 5 years
  • Chatbot training, Beginner, 1 years

Customer Service

  • Cashier, Intermediate, 1 year
  • Computer microsoft office, Intermediate, 1 year
  • Credit card transactions, Intermediate, 1 year
  • Customer Oriented, Intermediate, 1 year

Dancer and Choreographer

  • Leadership, President in a dance team, 1 year
  • Sales, sold multiple items for dance fundraisers, 3 years
  • Communication, solved multiple conflicts during dance competitions , 2 years
  • Good with Children, Babysitting, 4 years


  • Piano, Basic, 2 years
  • Softball, Basic, 9 years
  • Computers, Basic, 3 years

Detective and Criminal Investigator

  • Type 50 words, Technology, 4 years
  • Good organization, Princeton Elementary, 4 years
  • Lots of Creativity, Art, 4 years
  • Lovely, Young Ladies of Distinction, 4 years

Digital Arts and Design

  • Adobe Photoshop, Photo manipulation and rendering, 4 years
  • Unreal Development Kit, 3D level design, 2 years
  • Adobe Premier Pro, Film editing and effects, 2 years
  • Website development and coding, Cpanel, html, css, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Aptana Studio, 2 years
  • 3D modeling (Characters and objects), 3ds Max 2014, 1 year

General IT

  • Public Speaking, Generally good, 1 year or so years
  • Multi-tasking, average, 10+ years
  • Math, can compute in my head, most of my life years
  • Fast Typer, can type anywhere between 80-110 words per minute, been able to for a few years now years

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Repairing Computers, Basic Level, 7 years
  • Proficient in Math, High, 7 years

Medical Assistance and Support

  • Quick problem Solver, Exceptional, 5+ years
  • Housekeeping ability, General, 6+ years
  • People skills, Exceptional, Many years
  • Communication skills, Exceptional, Many years
  • Organization, Critical, 6+ years
  • Typing, Proficient, 7+ years
  • Catering, Mastered, 2+ years

Mobile App Development

  • Customer Service, Aircraft Maintenance, 3 years
  • Integrated System Troubleshooting, Aircraft Maintenance, 3 years
  • IFCS trainer, Aircraft Maintenance, 1 years

Network Analyst and Administration

  • Technical Support, Experience providing patient and customer centric technical support for desktop PC's. Well versed in correct attitude necessary when providing direction, 11 years
  • Desktop Computer and Home Networking Management, Expert Desktop PC and Home Networking configuration experience, 11 years

Physician and Surgeon

  • Word Processing, Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, 10 years
  • Spreadsheet Application, Microsoft Excel, Openoffice Calc, 5 years
  • Presentation Skills, Microsoft Powerpoint, Openoffice Impress, 10 years

Product Design and Engineering

  • CAD, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CATIA, 3 years
  • Computer Proficiency, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 10 years
  • Computer Programming, MCL Robotics Programming, 2 years
  • Machining, Drill press, manual mill, band saw, surface grinder, 1 year
  • Fluid Power systems, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, 1 year
  • Electrical and electronics, Logic gates, control logic, sequence control, circuit design, soldering, 1 year

Resume Featured skills Examples for Entry Level

Inside Sales

  • Make-up Artist, Stage makeup, special occasion and everyday wear make-up, 4+ years

Library Archivist

  • Archival skills, Professional Documentation, 2 years experience
  • Communication, Handling customer or patrons, 3 years
  • Research, collection processing, research, and reference , 3 years
  • Architecture research, architecture identification and land survey, 1 years

Assembly and Fabricator

  • Cenex, Customer service, inventory, ordering, cash register, cooking, 5 years
  • JC Penney, Customer service, Sales,, 2 years
  • La Petite Academy, Child Care - Teacher's aid, 2 years

Barista and Café Worker

  • Excellent mathematical skills, Advanced, 6-7 years
  • Communication skills in Arabic, Advanced, 10+ years

Call Center

  • Verbal and written communication skills, Academic writing and presentation skills, 10+ years
  • Computer skills, MS Office software, 10+ years
  • Interpersonal Skills, Flexible, reliable and persevering, 10+ years

Customer Service Representative

  • Teamwork , Marching band, 6 years
  • Leadership, Marching Band, 6 years
  • Balancing multiple tasks, School, 8 years
  • Organization, School, 8 years


  • Organized, Professional, 2 years
  • Situationally aware, Professional , 1 Year
  • Goal Oriented, Professional , 2 Years

Fitness Instructor and Coach

  • Computer Repair, Advanced, 6 years
  • Microsoft Office, Advanced, 8 years
  • Computer Programming, Beginner, 2 years

Forensic Scientist

  • Fluent in Spanish, English, American sign language, Took classes to master them all, Learned since young age
  • Experience and knowledge in medicolegal investigation of death, Forensic Pathology Fellowship program, 3 years
  • Perform a forensic autopsy, Forensic Pathology Fellowship program, 1 year

Hair Stylist and Hairdresser

  • Communication, professional , 8 years
  • Typing, professional, 7 years

Life and Physical Sciences

  • Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Technology, 6 years

Medical Assistance and Support

  • Typing, 62 WPM, 3 years
  • Completed Medical Transcription Class, Competent, 1 years


  • Photoshop, Advanced, 10 years
  • Photography, Beginner, 8 years

Restaurant and Food Service

  • Knife skills development, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year
  • Food preparation, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year
  • Baking and cake decoration, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year
  • Catering, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year
  • Restaurant operations, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year
  • International and regional cuisine, externship 300 clock hours, 1 year


  • Demonstrate great customer service, customer service, 1 years
  • Quickness, Gets the job done on time, 1 years
  • Good communication, talking and understanding customers needs, 1 years
  • Manual worker, Can lift heavy items and stand for long periods of time, 1 years
  • Teamwork, contributes to achieving common goals, 1 years


  • Graphic Design, fluent in all computer science/design programs (photoshop,indesign etc.), 4 years
  • Sewing/Costuming, knowledgeable in many eras of fashion and proficient in sewing,mending etc, 4 years
  • PR, Participated in PR workshop for International Thespian Society, 3 years
  • Makeup Artistry, Well versed in makeup techniques, 5 years
  • Culinary Arts, Proficient in culinary arts as well as baking etc, 9 years


  • Hi-Lo Forklift, Advanced, 5 Years
  • Load/Unload Tractor Trailer and Bay Trucks, Advanced, 3 Years
  • Inventory Rotation, Advanced, 8 Years
  • Microsoft Office Programs, Advanced, 10 Years
  • HTML proficiency, Intermediate, 3 Years
  • Customer Service, Advanced, 10 Years

Resume Featured skills Examples for Experienced Profiles


  • Forklift, LP,Gas,Electric, 5+ Years
  • Computer, Word,Excel, 3+ Years

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop, Intermediate, 10 Years
  • Adobe Premiere, Novice, 1 Year
  • Pro Tools, Expert, 6 Years
  • Microsoft Word, Intermediate, 13 Years
  • Microsoft Outlook, Intermediate, 2 Years

Waiter and Server

  • Greeting Customers, On Job Experience, 1 years
  • Drink Knowledge, On Job Experience, 1 years
  • Bartending, On Job Experience, 9 Months years


  • Typing, able to type the callers comments verbatim, 8 years
  • Adding and subtracting, counting back customers change, 9 years
  • Good organization, clean work area, 20 years

Technical Support

  • Production Support Executive, Debugging Skills, 1 year 7 months
  • Production Support Executive, Root Cause Analysis, 1 year 7 months
  • Production Support Executive, Self-n-Quick learner, 1 year 7 months
  • Production Support Executive, Excellent communication skills, 1 year 7 months

Software Engineering

  • CSS, XML, HTML, Responsive Design experience, JAMF Systems for Apple Products, 2 years
  • Apple Experience, Software Development and Debugging, 1 years
  • Application Development using Java, JSF, Web Logic, SQL, In JAMF Systems , 3 years
  • Computer Languages, Java, C, C#, C++, Python, Perl , 4 years


  • Computer software, proficient, 4+ years
  • Customer care, proficient, 5 years
  • Competitive sales experience, proficient , 5 years
  • Fast-learning , proficient, 5+ years
  • Highly motivated, proficient, 5+ years
  • Teamwork, proficient, 5+ years
  • Problem solving , proficient, 5+ years

Outside Sales

  • Leadership, Mentoring, Training, Liaison between client and production, 16 years
  • Sales, Listening, Customer Service, Negotiating, 18 years

Middle School

  • MAP Assessment, can proctor test and read test results, 1 years
  • MAC Book , can implement technology in classroom , 1 years
  • Smart Board , implement in the classroom, 3 years
  • MS Word, use to create lessons, lesson plans, and handouts, 5 years
  • Powerpoint/Keynote, implement in classroom for lessons, 5 years


  • Customer Service, Provided general information, account information, processed payments, took orders., 5 years
  • Organizational skills, I maintained a master file of released drawings., 6 years

Automotive and Motor Vehicles

  • Fork Truck and Material Handling Mechanic, I.C. Journeyman Level 4 Technician, 18 years

Assembler and Fabricator

  • Power tools, Comfortable with Table saws, Power drills, Skill and Miter saws, etc, 10+ years
  • Computer Hardware, As a DIYer I have built several PCs for home use, use most software with little previous knowledge, 10 years

Resume Featured skills Examples for Manager Candidates

Account payable / receivable

  • Computer, sales, bookkeeping, billing office, customer service, accounts receivable, 35 plus years
  • Sales, computer, accounts receivable, customer service, weekly reports, set up shipping office, set up billing office, management, hiring, inventory, monthly billing, monthly taxes, reports for bill of sale, 35 years plus years

Strategy and Planning

  • Leadership and Management, Military Officer, 13 years
  • Program/Project Management, Military Procurement Specialist, 9 years
  • Strategic Planning, Deputy Director/Chief of Operations, 6 years
  • Top Secret, Security Clearance, 13 years

Loan Officer and Counselor

  • Retail & consumer loan processing & origination, Advanced, 5 years
  • Computer proficient with various Microsoft software, Expert, 15 years
  • Exceptional written, oral, and grammar skills, Expert, 25 years
  • Excellent multi-tasker & time management , Expert, 25 years
  • Exceptional interpersonal & customer service skills, Expert, 25 years
  • Self-starter, able to work with minimal supervision, Expert, 25 years
  • Knowledge of FHA, VA, & Conventional guidelines, Advanced, 5 years
  • Quick learner with a "can-do" attitude, Expert, 25 years

Real Estate and Property Management

  • Customer Service, establish and maintain effective relationships, build appropriate rapport, accountability, responsiveness, and a general desire to help. Dedicated to exceeding the expectations of internal and external customers, Ten Years
  • Sales, persistent, enthusiastic, accountable, attentive listening, goal setting, understands high value questions uncovering customer's goals, objectives, concerns, and hesitations., Ten Years
  • Negotiations, preparation, strategic thinking, confidence, patience, understands objectives, understands both sides, ability to break down barriers and find allies, 15 Months

Police Officer

  • Investigative Skills, Criminal and Crash Investigations, 25 years
  • Computer Skills, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook, 25 years
  • Supervisory Skills, First line supervisor, 11 years

Administrative Assistant

  • To secure a challenging position in a progressive & dynamic organization, utilizing my professional skills & experience for further career Advancement, In Facilities Management, Over Nine years of Facilities & Receptionist and Two Years of Teaching experience. years

Office Management

  • Purchasing and Acquisition, Created specifications for products and services. Including requests for quote and requests for proposal. Issued Purchase Orders, accepted products and services, reconciled PO's to invoices. Identified and resolved disputes with vendors., 25 years
  • Facilities Management, Managed the 50,000 square foot physical plant for a professional services firm., 25 years
  • Office Services Management, Managed 5 person team performing office support functions including imaging, mail, fax operations., 25 years


  • Business management, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Customer solutions, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Building strong customer relationships, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Managing a team of 10+ employees, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Meeting and exceeding various sales goals and quotas, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Operating and teaching how to operate a point of sale computer system, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Organizational skills including organizing of paperwork and keeping a neat clean and organized work environment, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Utilizing Profit and Loss reports as well as daily performance reports to improve overall sales, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Cash management, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Writing and delivering yearly associate reviews, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Schedule making, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Responsible for the hiring and termination of employees, including conducting interviews, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Conducting inventories, Extensive experience, 10 years
  • Responsibility over loss prevention at the store level, Extensive experience, 10 years


  • Accounts Payable, Expert, 13 years
  • Accounts Receivable/Billing, Expert, 8 years
  • Successful Company Cleanup, Advanced, 8 years
  • Bookkeeping, Advanced, 13 years
  • Payroll, Entry level, 1 year
  • Collections, Expert, 8 years
  • Supervision and Management, Entry level, 3 years
  • Cash Management, Advanced, 3 years
  • Administrative, Expert, 19 years

Account payable / receivable

  • MS Word, Proficient, 10 years
  • MS Excel, Proficient, 10 years
  • Serie Document Management, Advanced, 6 years
  • VMS Accounting, Proficient, 3 years

Bank Manager

  • Word/Excel/Powerpoint, Proficient skill level, Using for 12 years
  • Management skills, Excellent , Used For 12 years
  • Realization of complex paperwork, Superior skill level, Using For 12 years
  • Detailed oriented self starter, Outstanding, Using For 15 years

Business Analyst

  • Leadership development, Advanced, 10 years
  • SMART goal setting, Advanced, 10 years
  • Performance management reporting, Expert, 7 years
  • Data architecture, Expert, 4 years
  • Enterprise business intelligence, Advanced, 3 years
  • CRM design, Advanced, 2.5 years

Resume Featured skills Examples for Executive Candidates

Account payable / receivable

  • Produce a monthly report to management, Technical accounting solutions, 10 years experience years

Executive Assistant

  • Commercial and Executive Assistant, Administrative duties, 8 years
  • Webmaster, Development of static websites, 8 years
  • Help desk in IT, Hardware and software solutions, 8 years
  • Trade Promotion from developing countries in EU, Market research, 20 years

Data Entry and Word Processing

  • Having an ability to apply cargo Industry with good programming, analysis skills and flexibility Having an effective communication and interpersonal skills, highly industrious, highly potential to work on individual assignments and group tasks., I have skill for learning new concepts. I am very hardworking and have ability to work in team. Ability to work under pressure., 04 years
  • highly potential to work on individual assignments and group tasks. I have skill for learning new concepts. I am very hardworking and have ability to work in team. Ability to work under pressure., Commitment to quality and teamwork., 1 years

Administrative Assistant

  • Communication, Expert, 5 years
  • Customer care, Expert, 5 years
  • Avid understanding of front desk operations, Advanced, 5 years
  • High attention to detail, Expert, 5 years


  • Tally erp 9, Excellent, 3 years
  • MS Office, Excellent, 3 years
  • Busy Software, Good, 1 years

Advertising, Marketing and PR

  • Sales and Marketing Management, High level Executive, Internationally experienced, Sales and Marketing management success for 20 plus
  • Business Incubation and Growth, Experienced in all facets of Business management from startup to Legacy, Successful total business management experience for 15
  • Business Finance Expertise, Have raised both Debt and Equity side capital, 15
  • Engineering and Production Management, Manages dynamic engineering groups centered on Intellectual Property development thru production engineering, 15 plus
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Led the roll up efforts in several business sectors as well as the purchase, licensing and development of Intellectual Property, 20 plus


  • Microsoft Office Suite(Excel/Publisher/Word...), Well versed in all aspects of Microsoft Office applications., 20 years years
  • Problem solving, A large portion of my current career consists of helping unit owners find solutions for their business concerns., 20 years years
  • Communication skills, As a franchise consultant a large part of my job consists of clearly communicating operational deficiencies with owners while actively listening to their own concerns. , 20 years years
  • Writing skills, As a franchise consultant I visit each of my assigned locations monthly. During those visits, all interactions, observations, and advice given are clearly documented. This documentation is later reviewed by the corporate legal team and Operational standards team for accuracy., 20 years years

Attorney and Lawyer

  • Senior Intake Analyst for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Knowledge of the fair housing act. Strategies for implementation. Referrals and Advocacy. Responsibilities were as followed; responds to written complaints, telephone and computer inquiries having to do with discrimination of housing based on race, color, national origin familial, religion, disability, gender including sexual harassment. It was upon me to determine jurisdiction and standing under the fair housing act; other responsibilities were to triage incoming complaints to determine whether or not the complaint required a (TRO) temporary restraining order. Many of my inquiries were not of a fair housing nature but of a landlord tenant issue., 20 years
  • Human Rights Specialist, Knowledge of fair housing act for City, State and Federal. Broad Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant regulation and tenant rights advocacy. My jurisdiction covered the state of New York, the state of New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands. I also advised and trained non-profits who were working on issues including the New York City Human Rights Commission and the New York State commission of Human Rights., 5 years
  • Tenant and Community Organizer until present, Broad Knowledge of Landlord-Tenant regulation and tenant organizing skills. Tenant rights training for tenant associations. Community organizer. Works well with community based organizations. Bilingual Bicultural (Spanish-English) Because of my many years of experience of a tenant rights organizer in New York City, I was able to advise, advise, recommend and refer people to the proper agencies, either city, state, federal or non-profits., 40 years


  • Interpersonal Skills, Deals effectively with a wide variety of people o Handles conflict successfully, 20 years
  • Teamwork Skills, Ability to work effectively in a team setting o Able to motivate team members to greater success, 20 years
  • Communication Skills, Speaks persuasively and articulately o Listens carefully and accurately , 20 years
  • Computer Skills, Expert in all software frameworks and platforms. Apple, PC all MS, Adobe, Intuit etc., 35 years
  • Marketing Skills, Expert in online web based marketing campaigns, Web lead development, SEO, Video marketing, SMS marketing, Google & Facebook advertising. , 20 years
  • Analytical and Problem Solving Skills, Skilled at interpreting complex regulations o Ability to quickly analyze a problem and develop an effective response , 20 years
  • Leadership and Management Skills, Diplomatic and tactful with both professionals and nonprofessionals, 20 years
  • Adaptability and Flexibility, Able to pinpoint problems and initiate creative solutions. Creative problem solver, 20 years
  • Integrative and Lifelong Learning Skills, Ability to quickly master new skills. Able to integrate many different skills to achieve success, 20 years
  • Mathematical Skills, Performs and interprets descriptive and inferential statistics o Highly knowledgeable in Calculus, Differential Equations and other math fields, 35 years
  • Foreign-Language Skills and Cross Cultural Appreciation, Studied and traveled extensively in Europe. Proficient in French, 35 years