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Refreshing your resume is a good idea if you want to remain active and relevant in the job market. These tips can help you recreate a resume that will help you get hired faster.

The resume that you created straight out of high school may be ill-suited for your current career aspirations. When you want to further your career and successfully land your dream job, it is important that you keep your resume updated and relevant. Keep these tips in mind for refreshing and revamping your resume to fit your current job goals.

Refocus Your Resume

Chances are that the career goals you have today are nothing like what you envisioned when you graduated high school or college. The direction of your old resume could undermine your current job search if it is not suited for the position for which you are applying.

You can refresh resume directions by adding any new skills or training that you have gained since you created the first resume. You also should create different versions of your resume if you have several different professional aspirations you would like to pursue. Trying to revamp it to fit several different careers could lead to a wordy and and unprofessional resume.

Research Your Current Preferred Job

It is important that you research the job you hope to land in the immediate future. This research will reveal keywords that you should utilize when you revise your resume.

For example, if you want to apply for a position in retail, you should use keywords like “online sales” or “virtual cart” to demonstrate that you understand how this industry has evolved and utilizes technology today. This keyword placement can help your resume be noticed above others.

Edit it

It is easy to miss simple yet embarrassing mistakes when writing a resume. You may not have noticed these errors previously; however, looking at it now, you may realize that your resume needs extensive editing.

When refreshing your resume, you should proofread and edit its:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Abbreviations

Other key elements that influence its professionalism and readability. This update resume tip can demonstrate your maturity and growth as a job candidate.

Add Honors and Accomplishments

When you created the first version of your resume, you may not have yet earned many honors or accomplishments. However, when you refresh your resume this time, you should add any awards that you have received at work or through volunteering. You can also include honors that you may have earned through post-graduate work at school.

These additions can round out your resume and give it more credibility. They also help you advance in your career, particularly if you have your sights set on supervisory, executive, academic, or management positions.